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My One Year Surgery

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Hi Everyone,

Well my Goodness its a year and a bit since my surgery and I am sorry I am a little late in writing this but I had to fly home to the UK to look after my Mother.

She is doing ok now and I have left her in capable hands but it sent everything into a spin.

However, I can only say this year has been the most rewarding and wonderful year of my life.

I put myself first or rather I put my well being and health as the priority and feel so satisfied with the time and attention to the importance of taking time to eat something that tastes delicious and is nutritious.

I am 1 Kg from my goal that I set for myself.

It does not matter if I get there or not as its just a number I can see the transformation is complete and that I look healthy.

Whilst at home (my last visit was a year ago ) lots of people gasped at how youthful my appearance was. A bonus I can also see and was not expecting I was expecting to age if I am honest due to sagging skin but... What a great surprise.

I do NOT feel deprived of anything because I am not!

I eat like a king! Choosing food that is high in protein and nutritional value and create taste with herbs and spices with everything.

I would say to anyone that is worried about how this will be after the surgery that you can eat lovely food! Really !!! YES, you can but a small portion and then you are full!

Sure you can eat crap if you want but why would you want to eat tasteless food with nothing in it to excite your tastebuds.

As far as exercise I do loads of different things walking, cycling, swimming, pilates dancing.

So Much fun!

Also, I have been blessed I have given away all my old clothes at last.
I have been lucky enough to find new clothes in sales or in Nearly new shops. Gosh, I am tiny a size 8 or 10 UK sizes.
At 9 stone 4, (132 lbs) I feel happy and fit and Healthy.

My hair thinned a little in the process but may have been down to having my thyroid removed 6 weeks before my sleeve surgery.
I take Biotin tablets and use a lovely shampoo to promote renewed growth of thinning hair. It was only noticeable to me as it thinned around the ears and that was hidden by my hair from the crown which seemed fine.

I feel well and look Healthy, life has so much to offer and I love food so being able to eat Indian Chinese Thai food or steak Chicken Pork Lamb vegetables and on odd occasions a spoonful of rice or potato which I don't care for anymore.
I look forward to each day knowing my tool helps me to make good lifestyle choices.
I only wish I had done it earlier.
But You know what, there is a right time and a wrong time for everything. This was the right time for me!

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  1. coopersmom's Avatar
    So awesome and happy for you. Congrats!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Many congrats Pudsley, you have done so well:-) xxx
  3. MsLisa71's Avatar
    Congrats on your success! I hear so many people say "I wish I'd done it sooner" and I cannot agree. Like you, my timing was perfect and my results truly amazing! If I had done it sooner I would not have been in the right frame of mind to deal with the journey. Best to you as you move forward in health and well-being!