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Superbug! Help!

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I am scheduled through weight loss agents with Dr. Almanza March 11 and just received a message from them saying grandview hospital is closed. The cdc has closed them down! They still have me scheduled but at a different hospital. Now I am COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT! Advice? What would you do in my shoes? Plane tickets already purchased from Mississippi $1200 for me and my husband who’s accompanying me.Also surgery is already paid for. Here’s the message they sent me......

The Weight Loss Agents Team (7 Hours, 30 Minutes ago) 03/02/2019 1:18pm
The Centers for Disease Control has strongly recommended that patients not be referred to Grand View Hospital for weight loss surgery due to a recent documented outbreak of serious bacterial infections among patients who underwent weight loss surgery at Grand View. The CDC’s recommendation is in effect until such time as it believes that there is no longer a risk of contracting this serious infection at Grand View.

The good news is an appropriate alternative hospital has already been secured, and your scheduled procedure, should you agree to the change of venue, will not be performed at Grand View. This would be a small change of logistics designed for your safety, and your travel plans would be unaffected. It is our hope that you will appreciate the change of hospital while the CDC works to resolve their concerns regarding Grand View.

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  1. lbm30062's Avatar
    Just wondering how your surgery went and how you're doing now?