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Calorie and starvation questions?

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I was diagnosed last week with pancreatitis and a kidney infection. When I went to have a check up with my surgeon on Friday and he and I were reviewing things he told me I need to be in the 900-1000 calorie a day range. I was floored.

I was finally about yesterday to hit all my marks with calories, all vitamins, water and even managed to get in 15,000 steps.

I am wondering if my lower calorie intake is the reason I am stalled once again?

I was stalled at 3 weeks for about a week then I dropped 4 pounds and I am now stalled again.

I am trying to do my best with my gift that is my sleeve but it is a little discouraging with all these stalls.

The other thing my doctor told me is by month three I should be down 39 pounds. I am at five weeks tomorrow and 20 pounds lost.

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  1. AnnieG's Avatar
    My doctor never said "should be". Your body is yours, and its particular way of handling a whole new set of eating, hormones and post-surgery is different than anyone else will have.

    I lost quickly; I'm 67, and I maybe hit 8,000 steps and sadly don't do other exercises. Our weather has been sucky and I have vertigo so walking outside if its slick is a bad decision!

    Stalls are very very common. Things that feed into them (you look young), pre period, ovulation, stress, salt.

    I am a very impatient patient at best, but for me its about the long haul of good health.

    At 18 months out, I am only 16 1100 calories, with protein still being first (about 85 grams).
    Check out Ann2 on this site. She has her 1-3 years and how she ate and she's still at goal after 5 years; actually a bit under.

    I'm still a bit below my goal of 130. But don't let that silly doctor make you feel like a should is more important than what you know works best. Just don't get below 800 calories! And 900 seems like about right depending on your height. I'm 5'4".
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. That's how we were made. Some lose fast, others lose more slowly. If you are following the rules, no worries. You will lose in your time. Silly doctor.
  3. LoriC's Avatar
    I eat a plant based, whole food diet and I eat about 4 small meals a day and a snack of whatever fruit or veggies I have around and I don't think I could eat 1,000 calories a day and I am never hungry. Try eating more brown rice, baked potatoes and leafy greens, you'll take up more room in your stomach and stay fuller longer with less caloric intake.

    And yeah, what they said LOL stalls happen and just keep on keeping on! XOXO