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Finally have a date

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Quote Originally Posted by KiwiGal View Post
Excited is good, nervous is normal.

I only told my partner (of course) and 3 selected best friends (of over 40 years!).
I wasn't about to open myself up to any negativity or misguided information from people who had no idea what the surgery was all about.
I'm a bit more open about it now - but I choose who I tell.
There are some people that I will never tell - even if they ask me directly - and I didn't tell anyone at work.
It's your business and yours alone.

The good thing about this forum is that we all know how you feel and we have all probably gone through the same things so there is always someone who will answer your questions. :-)

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  1. texas 1205's Avatar
    Good for you. I feel the same way. People don't understand, unless they walk in your shoes. My surgery is Feb. 25 and only select few know.