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Who knew weight loss could be embarrassing?

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So while walking up the steps to the courthouse today, my panties dropped to my knees before I could catch them. I am wearing a dress, and it's a short one.

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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    You are trying to find excuses to buy new lingerie here!!

    I'm sorry you had to lose you undies going to the courthouse, but I would say the symbolic image of those lawyers sucking out the blood from their clients, or stealing all their clients belongings including their undies....is floating....

    Look, it does happen, at least it was not the underwear the size of a flag!! When I was pregnant and big like a house, once I did trip on the side walk, and did show my gigantic undies to half the city staring (and nobody helped me to get up while I was completely off balance and unable to get up by myself!!! I had to wait for my husband who was parking the car!!)....funny thing is....I just realized it was near the tribunal too....

    It was just a bad day, and now is the right time to forget about it and to get brand new smaller undies!!
  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Hahaha! Probably slightly embarrassing for you, but rather amusing from this side. At least you had your dress to help preserve your modesty ;-)
  3. AnnieG's Avatar
    Oh my! I sew, so one of the first things I did was take in my panties. Then needed a new size once I hit goal -- but I do have the walk down panty hose issues.Well, tights.
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    Time to go shopping!!
  5. Dutchie's Avatar
    I can see that happening...
  6. Stacey03's Avatar
  7. denzel's Avatar
    I've been scared of that, particularly when I am wearing older knickers! I am now (buying) and wearing boys aged 10-12 trunk style undies to wear under dresses. They are super comfy and I feel more confident in them.
    My older knickers I can wear under shorts, jeans etc.