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3 years

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Hello friends!!

When I reached two years I was happy that my surgeon's goal/prediction was reached, I felt great besides a few hick ups...life was good...

My 3 years anniversary was a few days ago but I was in no condition to communicate. This time it's different.

I just came back from a one week at the hospital for tests, and since they asked me to stop the PPI for the tests, I became even more sick, my asthma was so out of control I had so see the pneumologist again, she had to give me a stronger treatment ....again...

All the tests are finished, I'm just waiting now to have a firm date confirmed for the surgery. I should know by the end of the week (hopefully!)

The results of the multiple (and mostly unnecessary tests) just proved what we already knew...my asthma (triggered in October but all the viruses I got from being so anemic) did create an hernia, but it's a sliding hernia (a few tests did show different sizes depending on the day and how my asthma was before) which is apparently not the best kind of hernia to have, plus my reflux is very bad, at the highest level possible, and no responding to medication any more. Even with my "low acid diet" I'm still in pain, still sleeping sitting down.

Plus all those tests did show other little (bad) surprises but I will explain that in an other post later because I still don't have all answers, but seems like my pains and multiples injuries over the years might be related to a chronic condition (an other one!!!) not just the fact of being obese like all my previous doctors always said (so convenient).

Anyway...my asthma got better in four weeks from December to January, I hope this time will be better because the surgeon was talking about early March, one of the specialist who called me last week said she wanted to do it earlier since I was so much in pain.
So as soon as my lungs are better, I might get the repair on my stomach!! Yeah!!! finally!!!

I didn't go back to work since the end of November, I'm lucky I still have a job, I know in other countries I would have been fired for being sick for so long...
My medical leave might end in May from what the medical expert said, but I can ask to go back earlier if/when I feel better.

I hope I will be able to go back to work at the end of March!!! Work is piling up, nobody is doing it when I'm away and I don't even know how I will cope with mountains of files everywhere when I will be back...

we'll see how it goes!!

But, even with all those troubles, I still don't regret my decision to have a sleeve. All my ordeal could have happened anyway and would have been so much worth with +100 pounds on my back...

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  1. Dutchie's Avatar
    I missed this blog, sorry!
    But OMG, this seems to be going nowhere any time soon.
    I would think they want you on that operating table as quickly as possible, but that does not seem to be the case... especially when you have "not the best kind of hernia"...

    I think you are one very strong woman!
    This must be so hard for you.
    How are you holding up and how is your family doing?
    They must be so concerned and miss you...

    You will go back to work in due time, but be careful and don't to go too early.
    Your employer will have to deal with you being absent, but you are wright, that is not always the case, you are really fortunate.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you get a date finally and very soon!
    It is time for you to get better and feel well and energetic.
    Not for your work, but for yourself and your family.
    Hang in there honey, I know you do that already, just keep doing it!
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    Yes..."going nowhere" is exactly describing the situation.

    I saw the surgeon in December, from what he said at that time surgery would be in January, after all the tests. But in between, a surgeon left at the (public=not well organized) hospital, so now my surgeon has to take most his patients, and his agenda is now completely overbooked.

    At some point, I was so desperate I was considering going back to Taiwan to have my surgeon there do the surgery, but it would be really complicated since the technical difficulties post-sleeve make impossible most repairs (he would only be able to do a bypass) plus the financial impact would be too big (I just paid the kids tuitions, one in private school in France, the other one overseas at uni) not the right year for that kind of spending.

    The past weeks have been hard, but at least my asthma seems to get better those past days.
    We just take it one day at a time.
    My husband is the one who's the most stressed by the situation, the kids seem ok, I'm always communicating with them, the youngest had questions at some point, she was worried when she saw me having so many asthma attacks which is very unusual, but she got her answers and was fine.

    For work, I was lucky I changed Department in September, and even more lucky, the person I was supposed to replace has not left yet since HR messed up her assignment, she will only be gone in July.
    So I asked my boss to give me different projects in the mean time. The dealines are still very far away, but I know that a few people needed my expertise those past weeks, so some of the files are just stopped for the moment. Lucky again, there is nothing urgent, just work piling up.

    Thank you for your good wishes!! very badly needed!! my health issues had so many consequences....I just hope this week we'll be able to plan the surgery date and be over with it. My pneumologist thinks surgery should be ok now...
    Tomorrow I see a professor, I know he met several specialists last week to debate my case, we'll see what the result is..
  3. AnnieG's Avatar
    Bless your heart! Lots of positive thoughts and prayers for accurate diagnosis and expedient scheduling of treatments. And peace for your husband's state of mind.

    So glad you have a good work situation; and insurance.
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieG
    Bless your heart! Lots of positive thoughts and prayers for accurate diagnosis and expedient scheduling of treatments. And peace for your husband's state of mind.

    So glad you have a good work situation; and insurance.
    Thank you Annie for your support!

    I know I'm lucky with work and (national) insurance. I do pay extra for a premium and it has been useful because, even if I have been waiting for months to have surgery, it could have been much worth.

    One of the test I couldn't have during my one week in hospital was schedule for April, I just went private, my private insurance did refund me most of it. I thought I had jump all the hoops...but no....more waiting!!

    Anyway, getting ready for my day at the hospital...I'll keep you posted!