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New friends

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My husband and I went out this weekend with some friends, and we made new friends along the way. Turns out one of the women in our friend group and her best friend have also had the sleeve. They went to Mexico together for it the same year I had my surgery. One of them also went to Mexico for plastics the same time I got my boobs done. She had boobs, belly, butt, arms, and lipo ALL DONE AT THE SAME TIME. Holy crap! All of hers only cost 12k while just my boobs were 10,450. I'm so jealous! We went to their house yesterday for the super bowl and compared before and after pictures. I'm extra excited to have met someone that shares the same life as me. We had such a great weekend.

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We may have had a bit to drink ;-)
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My sweet little $5 rose the husband bought me in the bar.

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  1. elllie's Avatar
    you look beautiful and it must be nice to know others in person who have had the sleeve. I want to have it all done, boobs, tummy, bum etc but I am far too scared to have it all done. So I might just have my boobs lifted, although my hubby isn't keen for me to go under the knife again. Once again you look fab.
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    Lovely photos!

    It's great to be able to meet fellow sleevers!

    But don't be jealous, having so many procedures at the same time is a really taking a high risk. It could have been a real disaster if she had any issue post op. And complications can come with any surgery, everywhere! May be your friend saved a few bucks, but your surgery was really safer.
  3. AnnieG's Avatar
    What a wonderful experience for you, and a validation of your good choices. I think Sandra3 is correct about the risks with lots of surgery - of course I'm an old lady, so my risk perspective is different, lol.
  4. Pudsley's Avatar

    Wow! Rocking it Lady

    You look awesome and I am so Happy for you.

    Meeting new friends and the synchronicity of you sharing so much, I love it!

    Be well Be blessed You are beautiful.x