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Surgery is 9 days out. Any tips?

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I have my surgery coming up in roughly 9 days. I am relatively young (31). Are there any tips anyone would like to provide? Any way to help/prevent loose skin?

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    HI, Tips for loose skin... lots of lotions, strength training, hydration, protein, take your vitamins and what will be will be. I didn't get too much lose skin but I think that's because I exercise a lot and lift a lot of weights. Something worth knowing (at least for me anyway) is that you look a lot worse before it gets better. initially while losing weight rapidly I thought I would have awful loose skin but not so... it improves as time goes on. Good luck with your surgery :-)
  2. Pudsley's Avatar
    Loose skin

    As Edie has suggested.
    Drink lots of water Moisturise everywhere every day.
    I swam after 2 months every day and cycled and stretched and walked.

    As you lose weight it looks like you will have loose skin as its the skin with the rest of the fat yet to lose so you are looking worse mid way as you are neither fat nor completing your weight loss but if you are on it with moving and hydrating it does move to smooth out so to speak for me after 9 months I could see how it all became smooth again.
    All the best to you!
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    It really depends on your age and how much you have to lose. Right now enjoy losing the weight, it's so much fun. Exercise and worry about loose skin (or anything else that MIGHT happen) later. You are young and it may bounce right back!
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    Skin is really more about genetic. But water and oil etc will help indeed.

    For my belly, after being so huge, I decided to wear some contention and had pants that helped (with a special panel to keep the tummy from falling on my knees).

    The first six months it was bad because I had a huge pouch, but it did bounce back a lot, I was surprised. Exercise did help (mostly speed walking everyday and some biking). Yoga once a week..

    A friend who was never obese but had 4 kids has a belly bigger than mine...genetic!