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My Attempts at Weight Loss

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So I began really putting on weight as a senior in university and, at 5'4", hit 230 lbs when I was about 28 and starting out my career. The weight really just crept up on me over the years, and then, in 2013, I had the brilliant idea or epiphany, to go vegan. So I became a strict vegan for several years and was able to beat back thirty lbs and that was great. I started running again and even got under two hundred for awhile. Then I got sick and had to leave my job and move home.

As I recuperated, I started taking long walks through the neighborhood with the dog. Sometimes I would go for over two hours just walking and listening to the radio or my ipod. There are a ton of bike trails and hiking trails by my house and I was putting them to good use. I even bought a rode bike and began taking ten mile bike rides in addition to my walks and then, at a challenge from my roommate, decided to do little mini-triathalons and swim as well for an hour every day.

I loved the exercise but my weight wouldn't budge. This was before I was diagnosed with hypertension but I couldn't manage to get to a healthy weight even though I was working out like crazy! I think it is probably necessary to say that I wasn't dieting, (other than being vegan) and I wasn't counting calories. In Vegas, Spring, Fall and Winter you can exercise outdoors but summers you need a gym membership. Slowly I sort of had a set back and let myself get into a rut where I didn't exercise as much as before.

Sadly, as the years have progressed I have slowly put on more and more weight, albeit gradually. I do an hour or more of vinyasa yoga every morning and try to take as many hikes as possible but its just a little harder now. It gets a little harder with every extra pound.

So that's how I fell off the exercise wagon.

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  1. AnnieG's Avatar
    Welcome! Thank you for sharing your story. Mine was not quite that interesting, but I certainly kept my depression at bay by stuffing food in and then not wanting to go out of the house.

    Life after sleeve rocks! We CAN author our own life
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    I'm a firm believer that if you are used to exercising before the sleeve you will recover easier and get back into an exercise routine sooner after surgery. You should be able to lose all your weight if you enjoy exercise. I have always been into walking, hiking, skiing, even when fat. I just never ate correctly, basically carbs.

    Talk about summer in Vegas, try winter in Missouri. Hiked in the woods yesterday, all hills covered in ice. Guess I have to get myself into the gym until the ice melts. I don't mind the cold at all, but don't want to fall and break something.

    Have you had the sleeve? Best of luck to you!
  3. Katrina's Avatar
    Exercise is great for mind, body, and soul. Not that I would know from personal experience as I dont exercise. However, it's not so great for losing weight. Your diet is what matters when trying to lose the weight.
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    Exercise is actually important in the weight loss process.

    As soon as you will recover from the sleeve, probably one month after surgery, you will already be lighter, and simple exercise as walking, biking, weight training will keep your metabolism up as you will keep your muscle. Losing weight is about losing the fat, not the muscle mass.

    I was lucky to have a large muscle mass before the sleeve, and only lost muscle during the first three months because my protein intake was not sufficient.
    After six months you will be much much lighter and exercise will come more naturally. But to get a result, you need to get some blood pumping, for example just walking won't make the cut, you will need to speed walk to see a result.

    It will come little by little, just try to focus on little goals.It will add up!
    My walking was not that great before the sleeve, even if I pushed myself. I was almost crawling after a 5K I saw so much progress the first year, it was amazing!! I could speed walk TWO 5Ks in a row and be fine!!

    Good luck and take care!