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Cat B

Frustrated with food! Happy with my success!

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Hello all,

It has been quite a while since I have posted. My apologies! Been super busy with school! I wish to update everyone on where I am weight wise. I am currently at 129 lbs. Just 9 lbs shy of my goal weight. I have not had any issues with my weight loss at all. No stumbling blocks, etc. I constantly keep it moving. I exercise daily. I started Cizing it Up with Shaun T from Beachbody. Hot dance moves and very fun to do! I love it!

I am 5 months post op and my major challenges have been that I have become lactose intolerant due to the surgery and my tummy only accepts certain foods, no leftovers, and I can not eat the same foods all the time. I am constantly having to switch it up, try new foods or trick my tummy sometimes. I only cook for 1 and this has been quite frustrating for me. Half the time I am not hungry and the other half, trying to figure out what the heck my tummy will accept. I am learning as I go along. Different types of beans is a plus, so my goal is to find different recipes that involve beans. Fun stuff right? LOL! I am a cook so I am up for the challenge. I can not longer eat some of my favorite foods, so I am going through the process of tailoring it to where it is acceptable to my taste buds and my tummy.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this journey despite the ups and downs that come along with it. My health is so much better! My life has truly changed since this surgery and I do not for one minute regret my decision. I am still astonished at how I look now and I absolutely love seeing the look on people's faces that have not seen me since I had the surgery. PRICELESS!! I am down to a size 9/10 I think. Size 11/12 is too big. Actually everything I have is super big and I need a new wardrobe. A very nice complaint to have!!

If anyone has encountered some of the issues that I am having with food, I would love to hear from you and in suggestions that anyone may have to make this challenge a little easier.
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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey Catherine!

    Congrats on your success! you are doing great!!

    Right after surgery I was nauseous for months and had many issues with many things, even smells.
    I couldn't stand milk or any cruciferous veggies. My taste became back to normal gradually at the end of the first year. Milk was fine after may be 7 or 8 months. But in small quantities in my moka, I was never a milk drinker, I'm borderline lactose intolerant. Usually I eat cheese or yogurt.

    Yet, I'm 3 years out, and still can't eat much of pepper bell or broccoli. Lucky those are not my favorite, but I do miss cauliflower, I used to eat that often, I can eat a little of it but not much.

    Alcohol is still a big no no. I can have a sip or two but I could never drink a glass. It's fine I was never a drinker. But the first year even a little in a sauce could make me very sick!

    So don't worry things will change a lot!!

    Take care!
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    So happy for you and your success! Keep up the great work. Get rid of those clothes that are too big right now, that way you have no excuse to ever go back. Find someone who needs them, a women's shelter got all my fat clothes. I kept a bag in my closet, and if I tried on something too big, it went in the donate bag. I had saved one pair of capris just for fun, I could get both legs in one, but finally those went too.

    I was one of those people who could eat anything, just not too much of anything. Your tastes may change after time.
  3. denzel's Avatar
  4. AnnieG's Avatar
    What an encouraging post! I have the same issues with food - one meal its fine, the next its not my friend. I do not eat fast (I really have to watch it) so that's not it. I'm only 15 months out, so I'm hoping it changes (for both of us).

    I have a great recipe for red beans (without the rice) that's pretty cajun-delicious. PM if you would like a copy.