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4 years later

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Wow. 4 years!
It's been way too long since I've been on here so for those of you who don't know me, Hi! I'm Teri. I started the process in May 2014. Luckily all I had to pay for was my nuitrionist. Insurance did the rest.
My BMI was right at 40. I was 255lbs at 5'7"
I went in on December 30th 2014 with the hope of waking up skinny (not really, but it would be nice) instead I had the pleasure of waking up feeling like my stomach was moving around in a painful way and vomiting frequently for the next 48+ hours.
Me + anesthesia (s/p?) Don't mix. I remember thinking I was going to rip or pull something but the nurse and doctor didn't seem worried.
I had to do the swallow test. I warned them. I told them I couldn't keep anything down. They said "here, drink it, we will take the picture and be all done."
I drank it. It was gross. I stood up for the xray, I tried, I really did, but it all came back up but the tech was quick and I passed. I was a mess, but at least I didn't have to drink again.
I was finally able to shower on Jan 2nd and was discharged later that day.
The ride home sucked, but a pillow between my stomach and the seatbelt helped, so did wrapping my stomach with an ace bandage.
My son was 3 at time and my daughter was 9. He climbed so lifting wasn't a problem and my daughter was helpful. My husband had to go back to work.
Eating, obviously I couldn't for the 1st month but man I missed chewing. I didn't want anything. I couldn't handle protein shakes so I made my own. I used a packet of unflavored powder (1 packet was for 8oz) 2 packets of chocolate flavored ensure and 24oz of milk *once I figured out I could handle milk
It ended up being I think 56 grams. Drank it throughout the day. I tried other mixes and I wanted to vomit.
Fast forward to 9 months post op and I lost 110lbs. I was a very fast loser. We are all different.
Fast forward to 18months, I weighed in at 123lbs and for the 1st time in my life I needed to gain weight.
It took a while but I gained, but then I gained too much this past year, up to 158. I got back on track and easily lost back to my original goal of 145.
Fast forward to December 2018.
Damn those christmas cookies. Damn that cheesecake on christmas, ate the whole piece over an hour and paid for it for the next 3 hours.
Too much crap out on christmas so yeah I gained 5lbs. But I've already lost 3 of those 5 so I have 2 more to go.
I was looking at pictures of when I was 255, then when I was 123. I had no butt, no boobs. Now I'm happy to say my butt is back, well, I never really had one but it's more then it was. And my boobs reinflated. So my body is happy here.
I hope everyone is doing good!!
Happy late new year!

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  1. DutchSleeve's Avatar
    Wow, that is some success story!
    Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing.

    I could do with a couple of pounds more, but I've been told that will happen in the course of the third year.
    We'll see..
  2. Katrina's Avatar
    You and I both did that whole losing too much thing. It was crazy! I, like you, am at a good, comfortable weight now, too. Christmas cookies... yum! Made and ate the last of my snowman sugar cookies last night. Keep doing what you do because you're doing it well. Happy 4 years to you!
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    145 @ 5'7" sounds perfect to me! Skinny! Congrats on finding out just where you should be and staying there.

    And I agree about damn all those Christmas goodies. I can blame the 6 grandchildren who all requested a different treat. And my super skinny daughter needed fudge. They added 5 pounds to me too, and I too will get them off soon. I don't know how anyone can gain 5 pounds over 2 weeks, but I am really talented.
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    You are a success story Teri!! And my boobs are flat but the strength training is starting to give them some shape.
  5. EllisM80's Avatar
    Happy 4 year anniversary!
  6. Ann2's Avatar
    You're doing great. So glad you're having so much success. Nice to hear from you again, by the way.
  7. AnnieG's Avatar
    Sugar cookies, gingerbread house with homemade icing, chocolate pepper cake, creme brulee -- a sea of temptations!

    I got "up" to 130, which was my original goal. I feel better and look better than at 122. I think fat fills out some of the wrinkles at 66, lol.

    I am "down" to 128 going back to my regular healthy eating. We start at Planet Fitness on Monday. So looking forward to it!

    You've had an amazing 4th year! All of you are such great encouragers.
  8. jonsey14's Avatar
    Decided to get back on for the support myself, was pleasantly surprised to see you on here giving an update as well as Anne2. Happy New years lady, I'll have to update you on my story soon and how I had to go back in for another surgery due to the acid reflux. Anywho keep pressing on, you got this lady! Catch up with you soon
  9. DebF's Avatar
    So looking to being four years out - but long way to go as my surgery date is 2/5/19.
  10. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Great success story. I love hearing from "Veterans" who have so much to offer us all.
  11. Cat B's Avatar
    Hey! Love hearing your story! Happy New Year to you! I am 5 months post op. I am the lowest weight that I have ever been! The lowest was about 145 in high school. I am with you on those Christmas cookies, however I tried to balance it out. I danced it out twice as much each time I had a cookie! I did not want to gain any weight and I didn't. My greatest challenge is getting my protein in daily. If I can get even 20 grams in a day I am happy with that! My tummy no longer tolerates protein shakes. I have to try alternate methods.
  12. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey Teri!
    It's great to see you back!
    You are doing great!! congrats!
    My third year has been complicated to say the least. Can't wait to recover and be back to "normal".
  13. Gigis5grands's Avatar
    My surgery is on February 6th. Any help on recovering is appreciated