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Lessons I've learned 6 years post sleeve!

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This is what I have learned over the past 6 years post op!

Your sleeve is a tool. It's not the end all. You must watch what you eat. I was horrified that I had lost weight from 213 to 162 lbs and then went back up to 195 (July 2018) Currently, I am at 169 lbs (01/05/2019) and more fit.

When you are able to eat solid food, I recommend a group on Facebook called Push For Your Better by Amy Smith. I am still a sugar/carb addict. This is the main reason why I gain weight. Fat bombs are truly the bomb and a life saver for me. Healthy fat is the key to weight loss (grass fed butter, MCT oil, advacados, etc). Too much protein can act like carbs and gain weight eventually. I have no excess skin (no surgeries), tone, and look 15-20 years younger than my actual numerical age.

It's a blessing that I have better portion control, but found that you can still gain a lot of weight after the sleeve. Eat wisely, exercise, and know I support you!

Be blessed and you'll love your new adventure. I NEVER REGRET MY DECISION FOR THE VGS!!!

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    Congratulations, AngelNP. Sounds like you've found the way that works for YOU!

    My approach is different than yours, but it works for me. I lost 100+ pounds over 18 months (I wasn't a fast loser), am 4.5 years post-op, and I've maintained my weight loss ever since losing it all (weighed 133.8 pounds this morning).

    Again, it's so wonderful that you've found your path to weight maintenance. We are all so fortunate to have found (finally!) our way to good health.
  2. AngelNP's Avatar
    Exactly. Excellent and congratulations to you!
  3. Leslieann's Avatar
    Thanks AngelINP! Love hearing tips to help maintain my weight. I'm 2 years post and go back and forth between 1-5lbs. I'll have to check out the FB page!
  4. Dutchie's Avatar
    Thanks for this post AngelNP!
    And congratulations on your succes!
    Sounds like you found your way to make it happen.

    One of the most important features to make this surgery a succes is really knowing yourself and your body.
    It seems to me a lot of people don't.

    Eating so much fat is definitely not my thing.
  5. kenson's Avatar
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats. I know that would not work for me but glad you found what works for you. I eat a balanced diet and wouldn't want it any other way.
  7. AnnieG's Avatar
    Congratulations on getting your weight back under control -- although saying that makes me picture a lion tamer with a whip, lol!

    I think each of our bodies are very different. Carbs are my nemesis as well - but that's because cookies come in a single serving bag (even if it weighs 2 lbs). So I prepare or buiy sweets that I'm not interested in having, and push salads.

    We all find our own way when we are determined to use the tool! THanks for sharing yours.
  8. lighter63's Avatar
    How did you get the weight back off? I had my sleeve in 2014 and am currently struggling?