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Amazing what writing it down can do!

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My journey has been quite amazing to me. I have done things that I never thought possible and today I sit here going back reading what I have written about this journey so far. I have re-read some old posts from 2011 until now, on this site and in hand written journals or on facebook groups, and the person I was then is completely different from who I am now in all of the best ways! I see it posted so often people say I wish I had journaled my journey from the beginning and all I can say back is DO IT NOW! This is a never ending story and YOU are the hero so write it down (or video blog or audio recording) Get that story out of yourself no matter what its used for it will help you in the future!
Mine will be a book sometime in 2019.
I'd love to know any questions you all feel are necessity to be answered if you were going to read about how I lost over 300 lbs and have kept it off this far. This site and the things people have asked are a huge part of where this book has come from so I will gladly answer anything you want to know.
I am editing my last 7 years of successes and at times complete failures and its a scary and empowering thing all in one. I have been told so many times I inspire people here and all over so if I inspire you please let me know I want to help as many others as I can with my story and how I plan to continue to succeed.

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