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Body Lift Post VSG

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Quote Originally Posted by EnglishGentleman View Post
So am am now in the hospital. Surgery started around 0930 GMT and I was in the recovery room waking from the anaesthetic at 1245

I am not going to sugar coat this, it really hurts. Fully body lift and moob job (English slang for man boobs).

Just over 2KG of skin removed from around my belt line, and 600mL of fat liposuctioned out of my moobs before them being “fixed” (600mL = 1.055 imperial pint!)

In aggregate he said all of this would add up to around 5lbs, an expensive and painful way to loose wei

Onwards and upwards! Will try to get a copy of pre pictures from the surgeon.

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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    I wish you a fast and easy recovery! Take care!
  2. denzel's Avatar
    Good on you for getting the work done!
    I had an abdominoplasty/half body lift/brachioplasty at the end of 2015. And I agree with you. Oh! The pain! But I "sucked it up" as it was me who chose to have that surgery, and it was me who had needed a VSG. The surgeon didn't weigh my skin removed, as it was just skin, no fat. And after I recovered, it was so worth it! I have the best arms and abdomen I have had all my adult life, if it wasn't for my thighs (next on my hit-list, just need lotsa dosh!), I'd look great in a bikini!
    And the joys of wearing sleeveless cotton dresses in Perth (Western Australia) stinking hot summers
    My blog is on http://www.bandingtogether.com.au, same username 'denzel', and my before pics are on there *Warning* they are graphic.
    All the best for an uneventful recovery!
    As soon as I could mobilise, I did. Lots. Including walking around the hospital perimeter carrying three drains in a bag.
  3. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    6 days post surgery...

    The pain is easing off, last night I was able to sleep laid down which was much nicer than sat up!

    Some things I didn’t mention. They didn’t give me a drain, just wrapped me up very tight in a compression corset, which is starting to itch - I am glad I didn’t have the operation in summertime as it would be very uncomfortable wearing this in heat.

    The other thing is constipation due to the general anaesthetic, not pleasant at the best of times. The hospital did give me lacotives which are helping, but in hindsight it would have been better to start taking them a couple of days beforehand.

    I’m back in hospital tomorrow to have my wounds checked and dressings changed, looking forward to seeing what’s been done to me
  4. AnnieG's Avatar
    You are far braver than I! I've had so many surgeries (no choice ones) and a double mastectomy; at 66 I think I shall live with the extra skin.

    So glad you are feeling a bit better; liquids will help with the constipation, and also with getting rid of that loggy feeling from anesthetic. Please post photos when you're ready!
  5. EnglishGentleman's Avatar
    Ok, so here we go....the after pictures, now 14 weeks post surgery


    Ironically the "before" pictures are with my surgeon, I forgot to take any on the day of surgery as it was 21 December, the hospital's last day of surgery before Christmas, and I was in at 7:30am. No sooner as I arrived and the surgeon was marking me up with a felt pen and it was off to theatre.

    Bit of a rush!

    I should get the "before" pictures next week so will share then.