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I'm feeling disappointed. I am 10weeks and 6 days post OP. I've only lost 35 lbs. I've lost nothing in the past 3 weeks. I am following my surgeons and nutritionist's recommendations and doing cardio an hour a day 6 days a week. Its frustrating. I just don't get it.

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  1. EllisM80's Avatar
    Are you bringing in enough calories to do cardio? I know that when I was doing an hour of Zumba 6 days a week, if you don't bring in enough calories, you won't lose. You might try talking to a personal trainer. If you can't afford one, make an appointment at Planet Fitness to "tour" the gym. While you're there, speak to the trainer. I know for a fact that they will talk to you at least once and if you have a $10 monthly membership, they will talk to you every time if you need to. Don't be discouraged... as long as you are following the 'protein first, low carb' rule, you will see it eventually. Good luck!
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    It's amazing how we all lose at different rates, if you are doing everything you should be, no worries. 35 pounds is a whole lot of weight, go to the sporting goods store and pick up a 35 pound dumbbell.

    Those who don't have as much to lose lose slower. Might that be you?

    Good luck trying to figure this thing out. I do agree you may be eating too little.
  3. NayNay13's Avatar
    Thank you . I am doing low carb high protein....lost 65 lbs prior to surgery doing that. I have a personal trainer, one my surgeon referred me too. That's why I don't understand.
  4. Mmeghan's Avatar
    Don’t get discouraged. I went a 2 weeeks without losing. It’s very common. Everyone loses at different speeds. The time will pass and you will get there.
  5. NayNay13's Avatar
    Thank you
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    Muscle weighs more than fat. If you are working out with a personal trainer, take your measurements. I bet your clothes fit better. My super-fit daughter-in-law told her trainer her goal was to lose 5 pounds. He told her that was ridiculous, and that her goal should be to gain 2 pounds of muscle.

    You're doing great!
  7. mellowjoy's Avatar
    35 pounds is a great loss for 10 weeks, that's 3.5 pounds per week. Go to Walmart and pick up 35 pounds of dogfood and walk the perimeter of the store and think about how 10 week ago you actually carried that weight on your body. You are doing excellent, just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get to your desired weight.
  8. Ann2's Avatar
    Nay Nay ... just a little context here for you to reevaluate your experience, if you wish:

    FYI, post-op I NEVER lost as fast as you're losing ... 3+ pounds a week. My highest EVER monthly weight loss was 11 pounds during Month 2, and I had gall bladder surgery that month.

    Nonetheless, I went on to lose ALL my excess weight (100 pounds) and have kept it all off for nearly 4.5 years. That's the real goal -- to keep it off.

    As you know, as hard as you're working out now, you're surely building serious muscle, and that's fake-slowing your weight loss. Meaning, you're losing a lot more fat than the scales are showing, because it weighs your new muscles, too.

    You're doing GREAT!!!!!
  9. KiwiGal's Avatar
    35 pounds in 10 weeks is amazing!
    We all lose at different rates and you have lost a lot in a relatively short time so maybe your body is trying to "catch up". and as others have said muscle weighs more than fat. Measurements are a really good indicator and is how your clothes are fitting.
    Keep doing what you are doing - it's working and you are doing just fine.
  10. Christie13's Avatar
    It is all about perspective. You have lost 35 post op (and 65 pre op?). That is a lot of weight and your body has to adjust. Stalls are normal and common. I am sure your body composition is still changing. I always suggest to new members to take pictures and measurements. It helps during stalls to see that progress is still being made. Another thing for me was when I would stall it was a sign I had to up my calories and I was not eating enough. As soon as I would start eating a little more I would start losing again. Just make sure you are adding healthy calories. Good luck.
  11. NayNay13's Avatar
    Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I am seeing things with a better perspective.