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Gastric sleeve surgery abroad and diet after it

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During the gastric sleeve surgery the size of the stomach is reduced up to 80%, therefore it is a great opportunity for those who require quick weight loss as patients may lose even of their excess weight. Moreover, they feel less hungry and fuller after each meal.

What is a gastric sleeve surgery in Poland?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a commonly chosen procedure for a patient who struggles with losing weight. After arrival to Poland, a patient is taken from the airport to the hotel and after that, all necessary examinations are performed ( e.g blood test, urine tests, chest x-rays, lungs and stomach tests). The surgery is performed on the next day yet 2 weeks before it you need to follow a restrictive diet which is crucial for a surgery to be successful. Gastric sleeve surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and you need to stay three days in the hospital to recover. Moreover, there are necessary check-ups following the procedure.

How does the surgery look like abroad?

Gastric sleeve is a laparoscopic procedure performed under general anaesthetic during which several small incisions are made with the use of small instruments and a camera which guides the surgery. The size of a stomach resembles the size of a banana as more than a half is removed. One of the advantages of gastric sleeve is that it is a non-reversible procedure so it is not necessary to have another one in the future. Moreover, as you will be eating less the surgeon will suggest taking vitamins and supplements to fulfil daily needs.

It is of great importance to follow the restrictive diet especially vegetables, fruits and proteins.

What should I eat after the surgery?

There are four steps of diet after the gastric sleeve surgery:

  • Step 1: clear liquids- up to 7 days after the surgery
  • Step 2: Thicker drinks & smooth foods like shakes, yoghurt, sorbets, sugar and lactose-free foods
  • Step 3: Pureed & soft solid foods e.g fish, eggs, cooked vegetables
  • Step 4: slowly including solid foods

What should I avoid after the surgery?

There are lots of products you should avoid after the surgery and it is hard to list them all but for sure you should refrain from junk food, pasta, white bread and sweets. A patient should be aware that the sole surgery is not enough for achieving the most desirable results. Following a strict diet and daily exercises help in losing weight and maintaining positive results.

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