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5 weeks out almost no restriction

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I am very concern because I am listening my body as I ate but lately I do not feel the pain in my left side like whem I was at 3 weeks out or any other sign to tell me to stop. I get burps with 2 bites but that is not the signal.
I lost 17 pounds after sugery 5 weeks ago and total of 27 and I am happy for that but i was expecting a sharp pain if I eat more than half a cup but nothing.

I ate 5 medium to small shrimps and a sauteed broccoli ( 3 pieces). Is that too much for 5 weeks out? I can eat any foods now.
Thank you for your comments.

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Everyone is different and I can only tell you my experience.
    Early on I didn't get pain as such I just couldn't take another bite. I would put the fork or spoon up to my mouth and just couldn't put it in. If I did take that extra bite then the dreaded "Toad Froth" would happen. Only once have I vomited and that was with fresh salmon.
    Now my signal is hiccups - plus I now know just how much I should/can eat.
    At 5 weeks I wasn't eating vegetables I just didn't have room and even now I only eat them in small quantities - salad I can manage a bit more of. I don't think I could have eaten 5 shrimps but I don't really remember and my food diaries are at home.
    As you are concerned perhaps a phone call to your nutritionist of surgeon might be in order?
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    You are not necessarily going to have pain. You don't sound like you are eating too much but it does sound like more than I could eat at 5 weeks but I guess that can depend on your definition of medium shrimp. How long does it take you to eat that amount? I know it would take me a full 35 minutes to eat an Oikos Greek yogurt. Also, are the shrimp fried or grilled? I know for most people fried foods can go down easier. If the broccoli is overly cooked and soft you can eat more than if it is firmer.