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I shared this on a form, but I also want to save it as a status update.

I had to lay down my rant about my mini emotional breakdown during the pre-op diet.

I have been taking my time to get ready for my pre and post op diet, since August. Buying some little things here and there to make sure I was completely stocked up. My surgery is not scheduled until 12/12/2018. I knew I would have to do the diet for 2 weeks before my surgery, so I had plenty of time to get everything together. One of the last things I purchased was my broth. I decided to wait until around Thanksgiving to purchase it, thinking it may be on sale since it is a thanksgiving hot item.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I went to my local Wally world (I live within 10 miles of 2 Walmart superstores and a Walmart neighborhood Grocery Store) and picked up 2 boxes of the chicken broth and a bone beef broth. And stored it away I the pantry.

Fast forward to 11/24

I was required to begin the pre-op diet until 11/28. I decided to jumpstart my pre-op diet a few days early, just to give myself a few days to work any kinks out. For the first 3 days. I took in Protein Shakes for all 3 meals per day. But by the 4th day, I wanted something warm for dinner, because I was fighting off a cold.

Now by this day, I was definitely feeling the sugar and carb withdrawal. I was tired, cranky and had a little bit of brain fog. I decided that today I would have broth! I was super excited. I took my broths out of the cabinet, got my pot ready on the stove (yes, I was so excited I was going to heat it up on the stove to make me feel as if I was really preparing myself a grand meal). I opened the top, only to find the security seal was broken. I told myself “Okay no problem, I have 2 other boxes.” I proceeded to open the next box only to find the same thing. I looked at the last box and thought, “well this it, I will go back to the store tomorrow and get more.” I opened the 3rd box only to find the seal on it was also broken. I was furious! I collected myself and decided to take all 3 boxes back to the store, the only problem was I no longer had the receipt. Dag Nabit! By now I am thinking “Well just chalk it up and go to the store.” Now by this time, I am getting very hungry and I am ready to have my dinner.

I leave my home and head to one of the other Wally Worlds that are close to my home. I go to the store and purchased 2 new boxes of broth. I get home and open the first box…safety seal is broken! I open the second box and the safety seal is broke! WHAT, HOW AND WHO WOULD DO THAT TO BROTH! BROTH! By this time, I have broken down crying. I mean balling!

My poor husband hears me in the kitchen and comes in and asks what’s wrong, I just slide to the kitchen floor and through tears explain what happened and that I have nothing to take in for dinner but a shake, and I really wanted something warm on my stomach.

I sat there and cried for about 5 minutes while my husband looked in the cabinet to attempt to find something that I would be able to have for dinner. (eventually, he did but after my breakdown.)

I wondered if I was making the right decision to have the surgery. Never once did I even think of eating any of the other food that was in the kitchen or pantry. I was purely upset that I had now purchased 5 boxes of broth and they were all tainted. And Now I have to drink a cold shake.

Then I thought, you’re not crying about wanting the other foods you’re not supposed to eat during the pre-diet, your crying about the food you can normally have but can’t because of the broken protective seal!

Right then and there I knew I was committed, and I was making the right decision and could make it through this.

Thank you for letting me share

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