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Day 2 Post-Op

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Hi all, so 2 days after my sleeve surgery and I donít feel too awful. I have some aches and pains...particularly when getting out of bed or trying to sit up. But if I am walking or sitting the pain is minimal. I do however have a stiff neck and shoulders, which is making it pretty difficult to get out of bed. Not sure if thatís normal or I just slept wrong in the hospital bed? I was wondering how long, on average, the pain lasts? When do you feel good enough not to need to take the pain medicine? Also my stomach is making a lot of noise and there is this weird feeling of my insides rumbling or twisting. Is that normal? Itís just too early in my journey to be able to know what body is telling me. I hope I donít sound negative cause I am really looking forward to the future and all that i can achieve.

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Hi there. Glad you are feeling ok after your surgery.
    Stomach gurgling is normal and will probably settle down once you are getting some regular liquid into it. You have had fairly major surgery so the weird feeling is understandable.
    RE the pain, keep taking the prescribed pain relief as long as you feel that you need it. Personally I didn't need any once I was home but everyone is different. It felt like I had done 100 sit ups but wasn't "painful" as such.
    Getting out of bed was difficult for me until someone suggested that I roll onto my side and then swing my legs out and push myself up into a sitting position. Made it much easier. Some people have slept in recliner chairs for a few days as they found it more comfortable. I also found that hugging a pillow when I wanted to sit or stand helped a bit. And it certainly helped when I had to cough....which I was told to try and do often to keep my lungs clear.
    The stiff neck and shoulders is probably because you were sleeping in a different bed - and possibly a different position. You could try a nice hot shower when you feel up to it or perhaps a wheat bag or heating pad to ease the stiffness.
    Everyday everything will get a little easier. This is such an exciting time :-)
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    I started feeling pretty good after the first week. Took two weeks off work and was fine returning then. What you are feeling is pretty normal, and every day will get better.

    I slept so much that first week! And I slept in my recliner as my bed was too high to get into comfortably.

    And my stomach was SO loud at first too! That is also normal and totally temporary.

    Sounds like you're right on track and doing great.
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    It will get much better. do take your pain tablets as that will help. and congratulations! :-)
  4. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    The gurgling noises are common, it's the air, gas and stomach acids figuring out what the heck happened to the original sized stomach you had before surgery; it's wondering where to go now so it's churning around. (Make sense?)
    I didn't take any pain medication unless I couldn't sleep at night as it constipates you sometimes and makes you more sleepy. New studies show that the narcotic pain medication after bariatric surgery might be too much for many new patients and unnecessary. Getting in and out of bed is difficult at first as the muscles in the stomach and core area are weak, try tightening them up just a bit and move slowly and deliberately when moving but don't be too stiff. Hospital beds aren't very comfy either. Time will help!
    Welcome to the "Losers' Bench"!
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    Yup. Get used to that noisy tummy. That lasts a while. As for the sore shoulders/arms/chest area that is from the surgical gas. The more you walk around the better it is for getting it out of your system. You will be tired this week but that will get a little better each day. Focus on getting in your fluids and protein. Walk as much as you can but also get your rest. Your body has been through a lot. My doctor did prescribe me liquid pain meds and liquid anti nausea for after surgery if needed. I did use each 3-4 times the first week and nothing after that. Just know it will get better and easier each day.
  6. nsimon's Avatar
    Thank you all for the great advice! I am on Day 7 post-op and feeling pretty darn good. The pain in my neck and shoulders are gone, haven’t needed the pain medicine since Day 3, and getting up and laying down are minimally uncomfortable. One of my four incisions still hurts but the other three might as well not exist. My stomach still makes a lot of noise, but it’s a lot less than before. I’ve felt so good I was able to go grocery shopping and Christmas shopping the last two days. The only issue I’m having is sleeping through the night. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep for hours. Not sure if it’s because I can only sleep on my back (usually sleep on my side but that position still hurts). I’m not too worried, based on my progress I am hoping to get back to a semi-normal schedule by next week.