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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope everyone, no matter where you are in the journey, has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I remember the first holiday after surgery, I was so scared about what to eat, not to eat, it drove me crazy. Now, I'm a little older and would like to think wiser, and will enjoy the company, tastes of food; including dessert and just have a "mindful" holiday. I'm going to the shore and will try to get in a walk on the beach weather permitting. I'm actually going to a "vegan" Thanksgiving and there will be lots of veggies, fruit and healthier food so it might be a little easier not to stray too far off the path

Personally, 7 years post-op and still going strong; I'm very thankful for the tool I was given with surgery and try to use it well one day at a time. I've also "resolved" to myself and now all of you; that I'm going on the pre-op diet on Monday for 2 weeks until my colonoscopy (my excuse) for doing the pre op and I will be very interested in seeing how much I can lose even 7 years post-op! Stay tuned for details!

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    Happy birthday, Jerzey. You are one of my true heroes along this path.

    My Thanksgiving plan is similar: "Eat small portions of everything and don't take any food home!"

    Please let us know how your two-week "cleanse" (ha!) regimen goes. I'd like to hear about it.

  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Really nice to hear success stories from those that are many years ahead of most of the rest of us.
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    Seven years, you win the prize! Happy to hear things are going well. I found the secret for Thanksgiving this year, do all the cooking. By dinner time you are so exhausted nothing tastes good. Great holiday if someone else does all the work. I guess I sound like the Grinch!!
  4. Stacey03's Avatar
    Yay :-)
  5. kenson's Avatar
    Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! The cleanse sounds like a good idea. I'm struggling!