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Feeling So Defeated!

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Hi Everyone,
This is the first blog I've ever been on which speaks, I think to how destitute I am. I had my gastric sleeve surgery four days ago here in the US. There were no complications that I know of and I was home the next day. I have battled weight my entire life and was drawn to the sleeve due to the numerous studies and bloggers that reflect the loss of appetite with the removal of Grehlin. Well, I AM FREAKING STARVING!!! I cannot believe I have gone through all this to be right back in the same position of every other diet that failed in my life! I am angry, sad, confused! Did my surgeon not do something right? With this starvation go away (keep in mind I'm doing exactly as I'm supposed to with protein intake and fluids)? I'm thinking this was thousands of dollars down the drain for another failing method of loosing weight.
Additionally, didn't get the memo that I would leave the hospital swollen and looking bigger than I came in with the air inflation! Also, on day four I can report I've been angry and tearful all day.
If anyone out there can speak to any of this, especially the hunger, I would be so grateful. I'm afraid I told only my husband of the surgery so I don't have much support.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Tenloris's Avatar
    I believe that I felt hungrier at the start the first few days or so after my surgery -and I donít know if itís perhaps because there are still some of the hormone left! You are so newly sleeved and I bet you should see the hunger subside.....so hang in there!
  2. nikkis97's Avatar
    Thank you. I am so appreciative of any good news!
  3. mellowjoy's Avatar
    Nikkis97, maybe you aren't actually hungry but anxious. I used to think I was hunger and finally realized I wan't hungry but anxious, which made me want to comfort myself with food. It took a while for me to recognize that I wasn't really hungry but self medicating with food.

    Right after surgery I was feeling especially anxious but followed the liquid diet rules. I wondered for a few seconds if I had made he right decison but knowing there was no do over I had to get past that thought. Not being able to eat and the fear of making a mistake kept me on track. Post surgery I would have eaten to help calm my nerves.

    What works for me is to sit, place my hands on my thighs and breath slowly for the length of a song. My favorite to breath to is "Bridge Over Troubled Water", the song lets me know that whatever is going on will pass.

    You'll be fine, take things one day at a time, and know we all support you and have been at the 4 day mark.
  4. nikkis97's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your insight and experience. I agree, meditation is a powerful tool. I just downloaded an app that I'm hoping to begin using for daily meditation once I get a grasp of this huge adjustment, diet, and soreness. Thank you too for your support.
  5. Dutchie's Avatar
    I am sorry you feel this way...
    But: you are probably thirsty, not hungry.
    For some strange reason the thirst indicators mimic the hunger indicators.
    Try to drink as much as you can and the hunger feeling will fade..
    Also: did you get and do you take your anti-acid medication?
    The production of acid also mimics hunger.
    Hang in there, you will feel much better after a couple of days.
    You can totally do this!
    What you are going through right now is normal.
  6. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi, I hope you are feeling a bit better now because I remember I cried ALL DAY on day 4!!! I don't know why but I was just emotional. And I also felt hungry at first probably until I started to eat foods rather than liquids so this all sounds normal! Ive gone on to lose all my weight and so will you. the first week is tough but you will get through it. lots of hugs x
  7. sraebaer's Avatar
    Please don't feel defeated only four days after surgery! That's nuts! You just had major surgery, only FOUR days ago. How would you feel four days after a C-section? Just concentrate on resting (I basically napped that whole first week), getting in your liquids and protein, and taking little walks.

    And try to change your attitude. A positive attitude will take you all the way in this journey. Unless you were happy being obese, you are now on your way to being healthy and regular-sized. I have no clue how you couldn't be over-the-moon excited about taking that step. Look at the big picture, like a year from now when you are shopping in maybe single digit sizes. Why worry about little things like being swollen after surgery? Totally temporary.

    As far as the hunger, that's a little odd, as I know I wasn't hungry in the beginning. Could be you are just thinking about food, and not really hungry. If you really are hungry, have another protein shake, that's what my nutritionist advised.

    You can do this! Get excited!
  8. AnnieG's Avatar
    What Sharon saidi -- four days is not very far out; you do have residual hormones of all types, not just grehlin, trying to establish equilibrium in your body.

    As to starving, you may have mind hunger because it is a thing; find something to occupy your mind other than thinking about food. Increase your liquids which will help with se=welling. And I'm sure anything else you've tried you gave more than 4 days to work.

    Keep on keeping the program. and it WILL work.
  9. Ann2's Avatar
    Yes, girl ... you are right on track!

    Sorry you missed that memo -- they stuffed you full of IV fluids while you were in the hospital and you may very well weigh more now than you did pre-op.

    I love that you're meditating now. That's a very powerful tool that I utilize daily. Keep at it. This journey you have only taken a few steps on thus far is about much, much more than eating or food. It's about accepting, navigating and managing your feelings and thoughts.

    Regarding your immediate post-op hunger, has your surgeon given you a strong antacid? Most surgeons do that (mine prescribed Protonix or Pantoprazole, which is a PPI -- you can look up all those terms on the internet to learn more about them). The point is to reduce the amount of acid your tiny, swollen, assaulted sleeve is now producing. Stomach acid not only makes you extra hungry, but it slows down the healing process that your sleeve is now trying to undergo.

    And if the surgeon prescribed a PPI antacid and you're not taking it yet, do so immediately!

    And sip ALL the water. Yes, it's hard right now. But just buckle down and do it anyway. In a few weeks you're going to feel incredibly much better.

    Oh, and your body's going crazy with "Danger, Will Robinson!" hormones in response to the trauma you've just gone through.

    Bottom line: You're right on track. Best wishes.
  10. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Nothing practical to offer that hasn't been said above....all from people who know what they are taking about.
    This really is a fabulous tool and it isn't like any diet you have been on because it isn't a diet. Your surgery has changed your life - for the better.
    Embrace it, follow your surgeons instructions and please be kind to yourself. This is all very new and it does take a bit to get used to.
    You can do it and it will work. :-)
  11. avmatthew's Avatar
    I promise it does get better. It is a roller coaster ride for a while. My life savor at first was Isopure drinks. I liked the fruit punch flavored. It helped to get my protein and fluids in and helped me feel full. Be patient with yourself, it is a process and takes time. Give yourself some "self love" and don't beat yourself up.
  12. jaimaroo's Avatar
    Everyone has said what I was going to chime in with.
    I just want you to know that you have support. That you are not alone. That this is hard, but life changing and worth it. I remember 4 days out and thinking...what did I do? I can't undo this. I don't want this. That goes away. Find ways to enjoy the journey and find ways to have new habits. That is the biggest thing I wish I would have been stronger at. Create the new you now. Don't feed your emotions. Drink water, take your antacids...and the bloat will go away. Walking helps too.
    We are all here for you. This is a great community of people. I always feel empowered after reading around for a bit.
  13. nikkis97's Avatar
    Thank you all so much for your kind words of support! These comments were encouraging and certainly reminders I needed to see. I'm now at day 21 post op and feel much better! The feelings of extreme hunger (and they were certainly hunger) did pass. More recent days have been more manageable and nothing like day 4. My post op appointment went well and was encouraging b/c I got on the scale there and lost 14 pounds! That was really exciting!
    I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as I was thankful for this forum this year!

  14. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Glad things are looking better for you now. Yay on the loss so far!
    It's only going to all get better.