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5 weeks out and not losing any weight

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I had my surgery on 10/9/18. Since then I have lost about 15 pounds and that was in the first 2 weeks. Since then I have not lost a pound. Iím getting frustrated. Am I alone?

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Stop. Breathe. Relax. You can stay the same on the scale while your body is still shrinking. A 15 lb loss is a lot and your body sometimes stalls to catch up. Do not give up. Just keep following the rules and you will lose weight. Make sure you goals right now are to meet your protein and fluid requirements and to exercise. Walking is enough exercise at this time. Hopefully you are not eating carbs like breads and sugars. Be patient, follow the rules, and relax. It will come off. Stressing out can actually do a lot more damage than you realize.
  2. OnnaS's Avatar
    Thank you! I needed to hear that ��
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    It took me 2 years to reach my goal.

    I'm a slow loser, got frustrated sometimes because I was trying very hard, but our body needs time to adjust, and also the medication you take can slow down the process. So after a while I just realized stress was bad anyway, so I tried to enjoy the ride!

    The key is to eat enough protein, drink enough (no H2O no weight loss) take your vitamins and ....check your pants size, you might be surprised!
    Sometimes I wouldn't lose for one month on the scale, but what was happening was more muscle, weight redistribution, and one size down was always a nice surprise! The first 9 months it should be easy to lose. It gets harder after that for most of us...but losing will be there if you watch what you are doing.
    Like Christie said, exercise is an important part also, I usually tried to increase my exercise intensity when my plateau was too long...indeed I had injuries issues too...by hey, too years is not that bad after 20 years of trying and failing!!
    Take care!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    How are things going?? Have you taken any measurements? That is best to help see how much progress your body is making.
  5. EllisM80's Avatar
    I had my surgery 2 days after you. The same thing happened to me. I lost 15 lbs the first week, nothing the second week and then it was REALLY slow the next 2 weeks. Then next thing I know, I'm down 35 lbs. Just follow the rules and it will come off. Good luck!
  6. Krstal02's Avatar
    Keep at it!!
  7. KiwiGal's Avatar
    As above. Keep to your plan. Get plenty of water in, concentrate on your protein, watch amounts - weigh measure if you need to - and walk as much as you can as often as you can.
    We all loose at different rates and we have all experienced stalls. And we have all lost weight.
    Measurements are a great way of keeping track too. It might seem that the scale is not moving but you could be losing inches. Your body has a lotto contend with at the moment. It will catch up with itself soon ;-)
    All the best.