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153 days post op

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Hi ,
Well everything has been quite easy for me since the operation. No complications , loving the fact I now eat only small portions and don't really like sweet stuff . The times of month when I do eat sweet stuff , if I eat too much , which is loads less than before, it makes me feel so unwell , sweaty, yuck that I need to lie down for fear of vomitting or collapsing.
My weight loss has been slow . I do compare mine to the lady who had op on same day and weighed same as me , ( she has lost 63lbs) . It's been weird in that , I'll have no weight loss for 10-12 days then suddenly drop 2-3 lbs. A friend in similar scenario said her nutritionalist explained that if u have yo yo'd all ur life ( I lost 3.5 st by balloon 1st , then pills 2nd time) this is what happens. Does anyone agree? I have not seen a professional at all post op, cause I paid private abroad , so unsure if this is correct.
Im now at the stage my hair is falling out , I am trying so hard to remember my vitamins . Lucky I have a lot of long hair , so no one has noticed yet.
I feel it's getting to the time where I need to exercise to get myself to target , but this is another psychological barrier I need to psych myself up for .
So wish me luck and send me motivation to get my ass through that gym door x

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Haha sounds like you're doing great! The trick with exercise is to find something you like. if you don't like the gym don't go! if you like to dance try salsa, or Zumba. or if you like to walk go hiking or ride a bicycle. or play tennis or anything just to get you moving. I do a lot of gym and running but I might switch it up at some point for some salsa and yoga because I like the costumes lol! Just do something each day and don't make a grand plan... baby steps. This totally works when getting into fitness, I've done the study ;-)
    And take your vitamins, set an alarm, look after yourself. you really are the most important person right now. Much congrats :-)
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    I totally agree with Stacey, If you don't like the gym, find something you do like. If you haven't been exercising at all, walking is the perfect place to start. Start slow and work up your distance over time. All you need is a pair of good shoes. (And layers if it's cold where you live).

    A lot of large people look at exercise as a four letter word. It's not; once you get into it it's fun and addictive! I love anything outside, especially hiking, biking, and now it's ski season, so excited!! Just returned from a 2 week hiking trip around Sicily. Yesterday we signed up for a weekend to learn how to Nordic (skate) ski. I've never done that (looks difficult), but we are going to combine it with some downhill first.

    My gym is outdoors. It is good for my mind and body.