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Therapy time

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By therapy time I mean blurting out everything on here, and hoping I feel better afterwards.

A few weeks ago my husband, two year old grandson, and I went to visit my dad in the hospital. He's been overcome with an infection for a year now. It originated in his artificial knee and had to have that removed in April. We're hopeful that he will finally be able to accept a new knee on the 17th. After we left the hospital, in the middle of the busiest road in Mobile, my car engine blew up. I had to snatch the baby out of his car seat and run in heels and a skirt across 3 lanes of traffic. This car is the car that I transport my daughter and her wheelchair in. That leaves me with my convertible. Not a good car for transporting Meg. Top down to put the chair in. Top back up. Top back down to get the chair out. Top back up. She had three days in a row of doctors appointments, so that sucked a lot. We are still waiting on results of her brain MRI and her EEG.

The next day the water heater at my house blew and flooded my laundry room. Thankfully we were home when it happened, or this would have been a gigantic nightmare. As most know, I live in a handicap accessible apartment taking care of my daughter Monday through Friday and only get to go home to my house on the weekends. So grateful the water heater waited until the weekend.

My husband is a handy guy, so he was able to take care of the water heater. It took him a week though because he's slow and also decided to replace all the piping in the laundry room while he was at it. He is able to work on cars, too, but the engine was a bit much, so we left that to the professionals. Two very expensive things back to back.

I almost bought a new 2019 Toyota 4runner, even drove it home. I ended up backing out because I just didn't love it. I have my heart set on a new Tahoe. I have my car back now, so I have time to decide what I really want to do.

Speaking of cars, my daughter's car has been sitting untouched in my driveway since she entered the hospital on January 27th 2016. We finally decided it's time to do something with it. She loved her car. She wants to keep it, but we just don't need to hold onto a car for it to rot in the driveway. So next best thing - sell it to her father for a very minimal price. My husband got the car all tuned up and ready to go. Now my ex tells me that he can't afford to buy it, and wants me to give it to him. Ugh! She doesn't want me to give to him for him to destroy, so it's a no.

Said ex has also got a new girlfriend. He decided she's the one after a week. Good for him. I'm happy for him. Thing is she lives an hour away, and he is constantly over there. In the month they've been together I've been asked and agreed to at least one day every weekend of staying at the apartment with Meg. I understand new love, and wanting to spend time together, but I don't want Meg to feel upset that he's giving up his days with her. He now wants us to change our schedule. I've been Monday through Friday for 2.5 years. He's here Friday night. I come back on Saturday morning while he is at work. Then he's here Saturday night and Sunday. He wants to change it to Sunday through Thursday for me to be at the apartment. I don't care which days we do it as long as I get some time to go home. My husband, however, is less than pleased. He's really tired of the ex's crap and me always accommodating him. We all get along great, but the ex is really trying our patience lately.

I had my female check up last Wednesday. The did an ultrasound vaginally, but after 20 minutes or so of lots of pressing on my abdomen trying to move my insides around so they could find my right ovary, they ended up having to switch to the ultrasound over my belly. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but starting the next day everything hurt. I mean everything - every muscle and bone. I could barely move for days. Today I am starting to feel much better with the pain being limited to mostly my back, sides, and stomach. While I've had neverending headaches daily, I have not had a true migraine in a while, so there's that huge praise.

So, I've been feeling extremely down for about a month where nothing is able to drag me out of my funk. I feel like rescuing a new dog might bring a smile to my face, but I know that I really really should not take on another pet. I'm just going to have to ride all this out until it subsides I suppose.

Whew! That was a lot off my chest. And that concludes today's therapy session.

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    It always makes me feel better to write stuff down, so hope your therapy helped! My husband's line to me or our grown kiddos when bad stuff occurs is "sh_t happens."
  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Golly that's a lot going on in your life. It's weird how sometimes everything seems to happen at once.
    Hope the "Therapy" session here helped a little.
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    Sometimes life can get REALLY complicated, and it does feel like a storm was on you for days! hang in there!! you are a fighter and you will win that too!

    Therapy is a really good idea! especially at the end of the year...it's overwhelming just organizing all those gatherings..so combined with real issues, it's just too much!

    I also felt really sick after an exam a few days ago (MRI) those exam help us get an accurate diagnostic but I'm pretty sure the "waves" have side effects...

    Take care!
  4. Stacey03's Avatar
    It helps to blurt it all out Katrina. You've got a lot on your plate with everything you have to do. is there anyway of getting some respite for Meg so you could do a couple less days? It's hard when you're Mum though and want to do it and Meg might not like anyone new. Its a tricky one. Something that I know you will know but we sometimes need reminding of is that we need to take care of ourselves to take care of others. but yea, its hard.
    In terms of another rescue dog I'm with you on that which is why I never go to the dogs home because I would come back with half a dozen very elderly chihuahuas!
    I hope it helped by writing it all out.
  5. Dutchie's Avatar
    There are a lot of balls you have to keep in the air...
    I hope and pray you will see light at the end of this tunnel.
    Hugs and kisses to you.
    Hope you feel better after writing all this down.
    If so, keep doing that, we are here for you.
  6. elllie's Avatar
    Hi Katrina, I hope you are feeling better after your therapy session. We are all here for you. After all you have been through, you still manage to inspire others. xx
  7. jaimaroo's Avatar
    Thinking of you. I like to come on here and just let it all out too. It helps me process.
    Hopefully you get some self care time. You deserve it.