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Sleeve surgery

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Im 19 and got the Sleeve surgery done, I have a lot of emotions and im not sure how to handle them all.. I was in SOOOO much pain until Saturday Nov, 3rd, and Im starving! Im also afraid that I will have a sensitive stomach and wont be able to eat anything ever again but I dont know... I dont even know what to expect anyone with advice please share.

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  1. Mama_Gee's Avatar
    I am sorry to hear this. I am scheduled to have sleeve surgery tomorrow and so scare. I have a lingering cough from allergies that I am afraid will hurt my stomach.
  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Hi There.
    Perfectly natural to be feeling emotional. You have had major surgery that will make a huge difference to your life - for the better!
    The hunger could be indigestion. Did you get something prescribed for this? If yes please take it (if you are not already).
    You will definitely be able to eat again - just in much smaller quantities and you will hopefully make good choices with your food. I'm 14 months out and can eat almost anything (with the exception of fresh salmon for some reason - canned is fine!) but I choose to eat good protein, some veg and occasionally some carbs - usually in the form of fresh fruit.
    Your body will let you know what it does and doesn't like and if something doesn't agree with you just give it a little time and try if again.
    Not sure when you were sleeved but at the moment just keep to the plan and I'm sure everything will be ok.
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hello Robyn,

    The sleeve is the best decision I made. The first year was not a walk in the park but I have no regret. That surgery did save my life.

    You are young, you gave yourself a big gift with that surgery. It's the way for a better health!!
    Just be patient, go slow with food, try to drink a lot, eat your protein.

    To help with protein I was having a protein shake each day for almost 2 years.
    Your sleeve right now is like a pencil. The image is that only baby spoon should feed that small pipe. With time you will be able to have bigger bites, but for now, go small, and chew very well.

    I stayed on soft food longer for example because solid was a no go.
    Listen you your body, eat healthy, you will do great!!

    You might face a few side effects, I did, especially the first year. But with time and proper nutrition, it will get better!

    Keep in touch!
    Take care!