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at my breaking point

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sorry its been awhile but I've had A LOT going on! Spent halloween in children's hospital w/ the baby.this all started 2 wednesdays ago.Hubby got Chinese take out for dinner & max had some noodles that night & broccoli & rice thursday. His eczema started to flare up so we treated him the same we always do. We figured the order before his had egg or nut. nothing was helping him so we took him to the er sunday morning at 2am. Dr walks in & i kid you not she looked at him never touched him & said "its eczema it's what I have" and walked out. Prescribed oral prednisone & to follow up next day w/ pediatrician which we did. Saw him & he upped the dose & prescribed antibiotic 3/day & said it looked like a bacterial infecion over the eczema & to see his dermatologist next day Tuesday & if she was in agreement w/ him to go to children's. So Tuesday 2 we see dermatologist. By now my child had weeping sores & won't let us touch him & we had to cut his pjs off because they were sticking to his skin! She looks at him & says get his to children's. Ill call ahead to tell them you're coming. We get to children's hospital at 4 & they run cultures & give him an iv of antibiotics & pain meds & admit him at 9. Don't get a bed upstairs till 11. He was tested for herpes,staph,mrsa,chicken pox, shingles,impetigo & sjs. All negative. We were in isolation the entire time but all the staff was just amazing w/ him!!! When we had to apply his ointments it was traumatic to him & myself so he was on oxycontin. It was so bad even the nurses were crying! he was wrapped in gauze like a mummy to keep from scratching his wounds open. He would only sleep & eat a little while there but took his meds & drank like a champ so we were discharged thursday evening. Came home & he has slept 10-12 hours a night & is eating & playing & is getting back to his normal active self.
On top of all this my mil decided to get pissy because she was tagged in my fb posts & someone she didn't know (my aunt) msgd me & it went to her at 5am & it "bothered"her. So hubby took my phone & changed my settings to friends & removed her, I was livid!!!! How dare she be petty over something so stupid while my child is so sick???!!! So after we were home a day I went to my therapist & told her what happened & she told me to text my mil. I said Just wanted to let you know I'm sorry about the unwanted msgs you got. Since Bhis grandma, I thought you'd want to be notified regularly. Boom-threw a nicely wrapped brick through her uppidyass window! She replied back-I appreciate being notified but i also get all comments from people I don't know. I ignored this for a few hours. She then asked how he was to doing & I said Better. Thanks. I haven't heard anything else but she liked my latest post about him which she never does so I think she feels bad for being a petty bitch & rightfully so! Good!!! So max is on the mend & I'm grateful, Sorry this was so long winded but that's my story. Love to all & if you could pray for max I'd appreciate it! Tysm!!!

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  1. azladyrider's Avatar
    Only comment I have is to tell the aunt or MIl whoever that there's a way to stop receiving notifications on all - top of the post - three little dots - click on that - bottom is option TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS. I have some moron that a friend tags in his posts and he reams me everytime I post cause he gets notifications ... um well then dude you aren't too smart - let me show you how to do it.