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What I do

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Iím a 911 Dispatcher. I have been doing this job for 11 years. Before that I worked in medical bariatric offices and hopsitals. Itís a stressful job and we eat terrible and sit for 12-16 hours and sometimes get no lunch breaks so we eat out of vending machines. Itís not a healthy way to live. Yet day in and day out we answer calls from people who are young and old and all having heart problems, diabetic emergencies and over weight people who need help getting up or who fell and canít grt up from the floor. In all my 11 years I would think we would get calls for people who had complications from gastric bypass or sleeves. We serve 4 major hospitals. So, I think that maybe itís so much more risky to be unhealthy then to risk weight loss surgery. Iím scared but not as scared as not doing anything to help my situation. Iím 5í6Ē and my HW 248 and CW is 225. Iíve never had medical issues until recently where my sugar was a little high 103. I have exercises and dieted and planned meals and weight watched and Jenny Craig Ed. Iíve taken transformation shots and phen pills. Always to regain the weight little by little. Iím 51 and I know medical issues get worse with age and just want to get this done so I can have quality of life as a get older. I donít want to see life go by and watch other people do things. Life is short and Iím not planning on sitting by and letting it pass me by. I want to live it and this is the risk I am willing to take. I see all these women and men on here and I feel so happy to know that Iím not the only taking life back and doing whatever it takes to be healthy. So- if you are nervous and scared itís okay cause we have to be brave to change our lives! I am so grateful for all the support and feed back everyone here provides. I hope that one day I can help someone with my experiences.

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  1. AnnieG's Avatar
    You are so right that the it will catch up with you. Last year at my high weight, I had 17 meds daily, plus nitro prn for severe uncontrolled angina. Now I have 4 things daily I take, and no angina, normal BP, very low bad low cholesterol, very high good cholesterol, no more type II diabetes. And I'm 66. So its never too late to get this fabulous tool.

    I did have a minor bleed after surgery that required a second surgery the same day, along with 2 units of blood. Only had one extra day in the hospital, and no need for pain pills except tyenol. But as you know, vetting your hospital and surgeon are SO important.

    And all the generously shared experience and information here is invaluable. You'll be wonderful in that role!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    I love you guys! You do a great job.
    Congrats on your most excellent decision and you are going to do great :-)
  3. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Great post. Thank you for the job you do. It is a hugely stressful and I can't imagine what you have to deal with each day.
    This is a great place for support and advise.
    "taking life back and doing whatever it takes to be healthy." Yep, that's what we are doing - and it is great! :-)