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Hair Loss

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4 months out and still having a lot of hair loss. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    Yep, totally normal. Very few here (like 2 that I know of) have had "real" issues with hair loss, like needing a wig. For most of us it's just part of the journey and no big deal.

    I'm still losing some hair at almost 5 years, and I can only tell because I have some short pieces here and there. But my hair is thick so I don't think anyone notices except me.
  2. PokerGuy's Avatar
    Normal. Mine fell out in handfulls from 3 months until about month 7-8. THen is slowed , then stopped, then all regrew.
  3. SAMom's Avatar
    I’m 4 months, one week post surgery. I stress about losing my hair daily. No loss so far. I take Biotin daily and maybe that is helping. My hair has never looked better. (Knock on wood) I’ve read lots of conflicting reports here and on the Internet. Good news is any hair loss isn’t permanent. Good luck to you!!
  4. nlee's Avatar
    I'm only a month out and have started taking Biotin. It seems to have helped others in the amount of hair loss they've experienced.
  5. KiwiGal's Avatar
    As all above totally normal. Mine started at about 3 months and lasted for a couple of months. Nothing horrendous just noticeable in the bathroom basin. All good now. I have very short hair anyway so it wasn't a biggie.
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Yes. I had it pretty bad. It has gotten a lot better but I am still taking Biotin. The good thing is that it is temporary.
  7. Katrina's Avatar
    Mine fell out for the first couple of years. It finally stopped, but now it's falling out again. I assume it's happening again from breast lift in April and breast Augmentation in August. I cannot stand the stands of hair getting stuck in and wrapped around my fingers when I wash my hair, so I'll be glad when it stops again.
  8. sgshoopz's Avatar
    Thank you everyone!!
  9. Krstal02's Avatar
    Oh wow!! I am worried about hair loss now. I have natural hair - dredlocks - colored. What should I do to amp up to prevent hair loss? My surgery is scheduled for next month.
  10. SAMom's Avatar
    I’ll be six months post op on November 16th. No hair loss yet but I continue to worry about it. Below is the most specific information I have found on the subject. Searching for the name of the condition, Telogen Effluvium, gave me much more information. I’m hoping my luck holds out.

    How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back After Telogen Effluvium? In Telogen Effluvium, chronic hair loss generally starts 2 to 4 months after the event that triggers it occurs and lasts for around 6 months. Once the hair falls off, new hair starts growing quickly.Mar 9, 2018