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busy mama

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Hi guys!!!!
Just went back to my last post on here & it's been quite awhile! Summer was non stop for us. Worked every day except the first week of school getting out to the last week before school started & mikey had football practice every weekday. Max has progressed so much w/ his speech therapy & ot therapy to the point he no longer qualifies for ot & barely qualifies for speech. He's speaking more than signing now which is very helpful & I started potty training him 2 weeks ago. Mikey just turned 15 & broke his left thumb & had to have it reset & wore a exoskeleton for 1 month. Got it off & cleared to play football 2 days after school started. He's bigger than me now & he loves it lol! The babyweight is SLOWLY coming off 1lb at at a time. My best friend finally met w/ my surgeon w/ her mom & he told her mom that she really needed to get on board & support her in this process or she will lose her daughter w/in the next few years if nothing changes. That's exactly what she's been trying to tell her mom but I think its finally starting to sink in. Thank God! Also a friend that I used to work w/ confided in me at a meeting that I was the inspiration for her to get the sleeve! AW!!!! She's having surgery this Friday & I'm so excited for her & my best friend. Hope everyone is well & I'll stay more in touch.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    That is all you can do is take it one pound at a time. Good for you! Your life sounds as busy as mine. My daughter is a senior this year and it has been non stop go, go, go. But spending time with your family is the most important thing. Enjoy your kids!