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1 Year Surgerversary

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Hello all

Yesterday I celebrated one year since I changed my life for good. Yep, a year ago I had my gastric sleeve surgery. :-)

I have had a great year. The surgery went without a hitch, I have followed my surgeon and nutritionists instructions to a tee and have kept to the plan. As such I am now almost 60kg lighter then I was before surgery. I have gone from a size 22 (NZ) to a size 10-12. I am more active, fitter, and happier than I can ever remember being.

My first goal weight was 70kg, I have since changed it to 65kg and am looking to get to 64kg in the next few weeks. I have yet to have my 1 year follow up appointment with my surgeon and I will take her advice where I go from here. I have to say that I am pretty comfortable at this weight.

I have just come back from 2 weeks vacation in Samoa. A beautiful country with beautiful people. We had sunny warm weather and the best part was that I could wear not very much and not feel embarrassed about how I looked. Even better was the fact that when I stepped on the scales on my return I had lost 1.5kg - and that is with having the odd "not so good choice" of food and not walking like I do at home.

I am slowly catching up on what has been happening on this forum and will be active again one I have managed to clear my work emails :-(

I would like to thank everyone who posts here and who offers support and advice. You are all stars and I very much think that you all are part of my success.

Whether you are just starting out on your journey or are an experienced sleever I wish you well and look forward to continued success for us all.

A couple of photos attached - hopefully.......

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  1. MsLisa71's Avatar
    You look fabulous!! Amazing work you have done this year - Congrats and thank you for being such an encouragement to others.

    God Bless You!!!
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    So happy for you friend! Looking amazing!
  3. elllie's Avatar
    well done! you look fantastic.
  4. AnnieStillG's Avatar
    Happy "versary"! Mine's coming up@ Haven't we just had the best journeys...you look wonderful.
  5. KerryPG's Avatar
    Well done!! Happy looks great on you ;-)
  6. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Thanks all. It's been a great ride so far.
    AnnieG, we most certainly have had the best of journeys :-)
  7. The North Sleeve's Avatar
    Very well done!! You seem to have the right attitude and you have done a great job, Congrats!!
  8. Stacey03's Avatar
    Fantastic my friend, you look amazing and was just as gorgeous before but now a healthy bean xxxx
  9. Ann2's Avatar
    Oh, wow! You look so great! Congratulations to you. You're another great success story. And now the rest of the of the story -- maintenance. You can do that, too!
  10. AnnieStillG's Avatar
    Amazing! What a lovely transformation. You've really used your tool and skills to the maxx. Congratulations! Maintenance....me too!