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Good morning. My surgery is scheduled on 9-11-2018. How much did everyone have to pay for surgery with insurance? I'm having the gastric sleeve.

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  1. nlee's Avatar
    I had a $175 co-pay, which I paid a few days ago at my Pre-Op/Pre-Registration appt. Surgery is 8/29/18 and I have BCBS. Plus I paid a $40 copay for my meeting with the surgeon to sign the consent for surgery.
  2. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    I only had to pay for the cost of the nutritionist, everything else was covered. So total about $700
    Best $700 I've ever spent!
    a lot of insurance company's are covering WLS because in the long run its cheaper for them to cover the surgery then to cover meds and other issues that come from being obese