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love clothes shopping!

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HI! I just felt I had to chat about clothes shopping. In my younger years and when I was very thin ( anorexic) I loved to clothes shop. However for the past 17 years while I have been obese and constantly gaining weight, I hated clothes shopping. I would cry whenever I went into the fitting rooms and saw my reflection and the size clothes and that nothing looked nice on. Now its a different story, although I am not at my goal weight, I have been shopping and loving it again. I am trying to buy clothes that are slightly tight now, so that I will have good wear out of them while still losing weight. I am now 34.7kg down ( 76.34pounds). I still have a way to go until I reach my goal weight, but at least the scales are moving in the right direction. I have had to increase my calorie intake as I found when I eat less the scales don't move and also I have no energy then for the gym. I am still eating little but more frequently. I do still have problems with my bowel but it is improving slowly. If anyone had to ask what the worst thing about the sleeve is, I would have to say the bowel problems some might encounter, however it is worth it.

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  1. jess7181's Avatar
    Keep it up!!!
  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Yay for you! You are doing really well.
    I too now love clothes shopping. I am just about where I want to be but am still having to buy smaller clothes as my body shape changes. I'm still buying from discount stores but am loving looking at size 12 (NZ) as opposed to size 22!
    Have to agree on the bowel issues. I am still having to take stool softeners nearly 12 months out. Mind you if that is the worst thing that I have to do it's really not that bad :-)
    Happy shopping!
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    Clothes shopping is so exciting Elllie! I did the same as you when I first bought a few things and bought them too tight, they soon fitted. Bowels... gahhhhh, I have had a little bit of constipation lately and it's unpleasant! So worth it though, I shall eat more prunes! So good to hear you enjoying life x
  4. AnnieStillG's Avatar
    Clothes shopping - I'd rather take a beating. Never liked shopping at any weight for any one for any reason. LOVE on line. I do like the way my clothes fit, however.

    I've the opposite bathroom issue....
  5. TheSassWay's Avatar
    Yay! Way to go Ellie!! Keep up the great work! I can't wait until I go shopping for new clothes , as of right now, I'm shopping in my closet! By the way, I'm finding the clothes that I couldn't get into before, I can now fit but they are already too big! So, I know my day for shopping is coming, trying to hold off as long as possible. I totally agree with the bowel movement, most time it's nonexistence.
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    After being at goal for over 4 years my closet is stuffed. I went a little overboard. But it was just so much fun I couldn't help myself.

    But now that I'm retired, I need to start donating some things. Plus stuff is going out of style. My daughter says now you have to wear high-waisted jeans!! Who'd of known?