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Streaching of the stomach

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I was told that the stomach can streatch when you over eat little by little.
Is there someone that streatched the stomach? Does it go back? Did you gained all the weight back?
May be a good question for the ones that had the sleeve for a while.

I am really concern specially because I can never tell when I am full unless I ate so much and feel bloated, otherwise no sign.

Thank you!

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  1. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    You should stick to the amount of food recommended for whatever stage of your journey. It's a good idea to pay really close attention to the way your body feels after eating a few bites, breathing in between, chewing well, and eating mindfully are all good tools for this purpose. There is no information on where you are on the journey but the tips I shared are good for all stages in general. Good luck!
  2. kanderson915's Avatar
    I have the same fear. I got sleeved over 2 years ago in Mexico and have gained some weight back (15lbs). I have started really paying attention to what I am putting in my body. I don't really have any foods that I can't eat anymore. It was way easier in the beginning when it was hard to eat anything. My cravings for sugar and carbs are back. I have increased my exercise and have just cut out sugar all together. Let's pray t works.
  3. Shirl's Avatar
    Sleeve or no sleeve the stomach is like a balloon or rather a rubber band. It stretches and it contracts. Over eating constantly will cause your stomach to eventually never be satisfied. If you don’t know how to stop eating now, reducing your stomach size isn’t going to make you stop after. In the beginning it certainly does because it’s still from surgery, and you don’t want to take any risks. But old habits are hard to die, you need to realize what your relationship with food is and work those issues out.

    This is the best blog I have found that can answer your question https://www.obesitycoverage.com/weig...tomach-stretch

    You can scroll down to find the eating guide and recommendations for for pre and post gastric sleeve surgery. If you are intentional and follow it, you need not worry about stretching your stomach.
  4. crazycibertalk's Avatar
    Thank you. This article was real good and helpful.
  5. crazycibertalk's Avatar
    Being 100 plus pounds over, the stomach is completely streached out, I do not have signal of fullness, neither signal for hunger because I do not wait till getting hunger.
    I eat because is breakfast or lunch time.
    My mind is telling me eat what you brought for lunch w/o feeling hungry.

    In summey, the sleeve will reset my stomach size meanwhile I lose weight and enjoy other things, habits can sneak in and start winning over.
    At 63, I can change and overcome. I was paying lots of money at Lindora Clinic in California for just a few pounds and their products.
    The mind power is huge. I think that by gaining more energy, not having back pain, I could get myself busy and distract my mind
    It will be a daily battle.
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    Not sure what to think about the stomach stretching topic. My surgeon says it doesn't stretch, some people just choose to not follow the sleeve guidelines. For example I could eat a candy bar/chips/cookies/whatever every hour all day and regain all my weight, but that doesn't mean my stomach stretched. It means I learned how to eat around my sleeve.

    I know I still have restriction after almost 5 years. Last night I couldn't finish a small salad with chicken on it, so I have lunch for today.

    I guess if you stuffed yourself continually over time you could stretch your stomach, I don't know, because that won't be me