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Streaching if the stomach

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I was told that the stomach can streatch when you over eat little by little.
Is there someone that streatched the stomach? Does it go back? Did you gained all the weight back?
May be a good question for the ones that had the sleeve for a while.

I am really concern specilly because I can never tell when I am full unless I ate so much and feel bloated, otherwise no sign.

Thank you!

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  1. zoey101's Avatar
    Hi, I'm 3 years and 4 months out and yes you will gain some weight back. With that said it is normal but when I say weight I mean roughly 8 - 15 lbs. give or take not 40 or 50. I do not touch soda or anything with carbonation ever which is hard because Champagne was my favorite as well as diet pepsi but that part of my life is over. It's a small sacrifice for the gift of losing a ton of weight. You haven't been sleeved yet so of course you can eat and eat but once you are officially sleeved those days will be over. In the beginning you will barely be able to keep water, broth or protien shakes down but over time it will get better and better. I still can't eat more than one slice of pizza or eat an entire burger which is great and why we get this done. You must follow the rules to a "T" before and after surgery and adjust to your new normal. Be extra careful of slider foods like cookies, cake, crackers etc., they are easy to get down and easy to gain weight from so don't be fooled by it. I do believe the stomach does stretch a bit but like I said carbonated drinks are a no no and overeating is another no no. During your first year especially be very careful and eat slowly to test and see what you can handle. If you over eat you will literally froth at the mouth, it's digusting and the worst feeling. My first year I stayed away from restaurants as often as possible but if you must go order an apetizer, to this day I still get the app. unless I want leftovers. I hope this helps you out, as with any major change there is allot of sacrifice and major life changes but the payoff is so worth it. Since surgery my lowest weight was 128.5 and my highest 142.5, I definitely fluctuate but my most comfortable weight is 138 and that's where I try to stay because at 128.5 I looked sickly and people were wondering if I was anorexic and bleive it or not I actually feel fat at 142.5 which is so strange but it is what it is. Good Luck!