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It is hard to believe that I had gastric sleeve surgery 2years, 2months, 14days, 1hour ago to be more or less accurate.

I have not reached my ideal weight loss goal, and in fact, I gained 15 lbs in the last year. At first, I kept gaining and losing the same five pounds, but when I stopped exercising altogether a few months ago due to a toe injury I packed on an additional ten pounds fast!

It all went directly to my waistline. And it was a wake-up call!

I evaluated all the health risks and the financial sacrifice I took to undergo this tremendous surgery and aftercare.

I won't lie I am good at beating myself emotionally, but it lasted for a quick second. I also have learned to forgive and love myself.

I asked myself where I had gone astray?

The truth was that eventually, during the last 12 or so months I had stopped following my five anchors for sustainable weight loss; and started to allow some old bad eating habits to begin creeping back into my life. And I think it all started with a bag of kettle corn.

Time management and organization skills are a bitch! And if I cannot get those two under some control; I get out of control. It is incredible that I can go on hours and hours without feeling hungry, but when hunger hits it hits with a vengeance, and I often experience #hangriness. I reach for anything without any regard of its nutritional value.

With all the time commitments and demands I have put on myself, I must allow time to take care of me.

Things I have done this past week to get back on track:

  • gone back to the gym, meeting with a trainer 3x a week to help me work with my injury
  • stared supplements and drinking more water
  • started weekly food plan high in protein and moderated in complex carbs
  • started weighing everyday
  • reached out to fellow sleevers
  • scheduled a medical physical evaluation
  • cleaned out pantry and fridge

I have summer finals coming up this week and plan to start my food log again.

Thanks for reading!

Words of encouragement and tips are welcome!

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Good on you for getting back on the horse!
    It sounds as though you know exactly what you need to do and have the conviction to do it.
    Keep us posted on your success :-)
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    This sounds fantastic Shirl and good to have you around again, I read a few of your old posts in the past. Onward to great success for you :-)
  3. Katrina's Avatar
    I can relate very well with the not being being hungry to suddenly being hangry. I'll go all day without a bite of food until dinner then eat everything in the house until I finally fall asleep. Been gone all day. Got home, and within the hour I have eaten a salad, bag of chili cheese fritos, pb&j sandwich, and now eating a strawberry cake roll as I type this. Once I start eating, there's no stopping. I was never a food addict before like I am since having VSG.

    Good on you for putting your head back in it. I hope you're able to accomplish all your goals.
  4. denzel's Avatar
    Good on you!
    You have identified where you have slipped up, and also made a plan.

    I have had to do the same thing, so can relate. I have lost 1/2 (4 kg) of what I had put on (8 kg - 17.6 lb), so am down - for me - a whole dress size. Onwards and downwards!

    (I also know the "hangry" state!)

    Wishing you all the best!
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey Shirl!

    Happy to see you back on the horse!

    I'm having the same (or almost) issues since January, go sick, took cortisone, gained and it's staying!

    Of course I know the triggers : cortisone is always messing up my hormones but usually since the sleeve I was able to lose it in a few weeks, well not this time!
    I also know I've been stressed a lot since January, didn't sleep well, didn't drink or eat enough etc...
    I'm trying to take that time off right now to focus on my health and it's needed!
    take care! XOXO
  6. Ann2's Avatar
    Welcome back to Self Care Land. It's a very comfy place to live.