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Been a long timeee!!!!

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Hey guys itís been along time since Iíve posted on here I just want to say that I have been losing weight but not as much as I wish I could frankly because I havenít been eating what Iím supposed to be eating but I would love your advice on how to get back on track and what to drink and eat also I want to get your advice on what vitamins you guys take because I do get tired and I get dizzy I feel like I just have no energy which takes a big toll on me and thatís why I donít feel like working out so much please help me the best you can Iím naming some brands and stuff I can take for vitamins I do snack a lot so I want to see if you guys can help me pick on some good ones and is it normal for me to be hungry almost every two to three hours please let me know what you guys think and I hope everybodyís weight-loss is going amazing I currently weigh 300 pounds so please help me I would love to loose another hundred pounds I used to be 420 much love KK from Dallas Texas

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  1. Shirl's Avatar
    You may want to reach out to some of the veterans here directly like Tinman, Ann2, Sraebaer, Kindle, to name a few. I have not been active for a while, but noticing they continue to support newbies, and sleeved.

    From the sounds of your blog post you know what to do. From my perspective, sounds like you need to give yourself permission to believe in yourself, and allow yourself to do the things you know to do. I know because I see me in you.

    There are several great threads going on currently on the #Post gastric sleeve forum. There is lots of good advice there. Check them out.

    But, again, you described the five pillars/anchors of sustainable post gastric sleeve life.
    1. Protein-First Rule, protein is the building block for building muscle, healthy organs, skin, hair, nails. High nutrient complex carbohydrates vegetables take second high priority. Followed by low-glycemic fruit such as blueberries. These are high in fiber another important building block for mental alertness, elimination, and building your good gut bacteria.
    2. Supplementation, such as multivitamins and minerals. I am a fan of prescription grade vitamins ask your local gym, doctor/nutritionist/pharmacist/vitamin shop to recommend. Pre op through about a year post op I used Bariatric Advantage. Currently, I am using DíAdamo for your blood type supplements. Try a vitamin packed protein shake as a snack.
    3. Hydrate with water in between meals. No water during meals. The thought is that when we are eating water will push protein out before it starts breaking down to absorb needed nutrients. My thoughts on this is that our nutritional absorption starts at the first bite! Thatís why we must chew, chew, chew and chew some more to not only help break proteins into smaller mushy bites so they donít feel stuck in our esophagus/stomach (remember our stomach is the neck on a upside down corona bottle)... but most importantly, chewing creates the necessary enzymes to breakdown food! And it start in our mouth!!! Isnít that awesome!
    4. Exercise. Oh boy. I just got back to the gym myself after a toe injury during my first half marathon. I completed it though! And I am back. Three days weights, two days circuit training. Thatís the goal. It is recommended that at 30 minutes of heart pumping exercise a day. Start slow. You can do it!
    5. Mindfulness. Self-care. Eat mindfully for me means, being intentional about my food choices. It means enjoying my food. It means no distractions. Family time. Maybe conversation with myself if I am eating alone. It means no grazing or no scheduled planned snack. You have to define what self-care means to you. For me when I fail to smother my skin with lotion and it starts getting dry, itís a sign that I have dropped the ball on caring for myself. If I donít make my bed for several days, I ask myself am I depressed or busy stressed. These are tell tale signs that something is happening in my life that made me forget about rule 1-5.

    Again. You got this!!!