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One week post op......

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Well I wish I could say that this has been a piece of cake, but not so much. Even though I sip sip sipped I still got dehydrated. 5 liters of fluid in three days, but I feel so much better now. But then I developed a hematoma the size of a softball under the incision that they pulled my old stomach out of and a beautiful purple bruise to go with it... Favorite color is purple!!! So lots of ice and binding my rib cage and hopefully this will reabsorb and be on its way gone. Tomorrow I get to start my pureed stage which Im so excited about. I have felt so awful that I have never stepped on the scale since I came home from the hospital. So I have no idea if I have lost anything or not.I know it will get better but I was just hoping to be one of those who came home feeling great and just moving along with everything. Thank goodness for my wonderful and loving husband who statyed home from work for the first 4 days after I came home. He has been wonderful. Good luck to those who are just starting or just came home. All the comments I have gotten previously have been great you are all a great group of folks, thanks again.

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Oh you poor thing but it sounds like you are on the mend now! It is all worth it in the end. Look after yourself :-)
  2. Mamadevo's Avatar
    I too am a week post op, and agree I thought I’d be a super patient but alas I’m not. I doing everything according to the book but I’m sooooo weak. Tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor. Maybe my bariatric vitamins aren’t covering all the bases? I bought chewable and detest them. I’ll see if there is a patch he recommends. I know this will all be worth it but right now It’s kicking my you know what. We can do it!
  3. Joyzeegrl2's Avatar
    Sorry you are having trouble. I'm ok but stopped up. It hurts sometimes . Liquid diets always do that to me. This girl needs her fiber in real food form! It will get better soon. I just woke up from a nice nap which is pure peace to my brain directly from God.