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I finally ate pizza!

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Not a big deal, some of you might say.
But the point is: I have not eaten pizza since my surgery, 1,5 years ago.
So yesterday was a family day and we went out for lunch as well as dinner.

For lunch we ended up in a restaurant where food choices were very limited.
But there was pizza!
I reminded myself, that I was NOT on a diet and ordered a slice of tuna pizza.
And though it tasted good, I craved some healthy protein and my veggies.

At dinner we went out to a very typical German restaurant, where the rest of my familie ordered huge schnitzels (yes, Germany, the schnitzels only come in plus-sizes) and I choose grilled salmon with roasted veggies on the side.
So did my DH, even he is doing so well on my new way of eating, he has also lost a good amount of weight.

What I learned from it is that I can indulge in poor food choices every once in a while, no problem of course.
But what surprised me, is that I actually prefer eating healthy.
I love my salmon and my veggies!
I don't have to shy away from unhealthy food and I don't have to feel intimidated by them anymore.
I can eat them and go back to my new healthy life style, what I actually prefer.
I control my food now, my food does not control me anymore.
Huge epifany.

Isn't that strange?
All these years of bad, unhealthy eating and stuffing my face.
How different is my life now.

I love the new me!

p.s. I just got the mailing from dr. V.'s Masterclass in my mailbox
"Breaking Bad Habits"
One line stood out for me, which I want to share with you guys:

You are the only person at your steering wheel. It's up to you to
grab hold and guide yourself to the changes you desire most.

Don't Talk.

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    Pizza! Go you! I SO enjoy a piece now and then.

    But after crap like pizza all week with grandkids, we are having a delicious hunk of salmon tonight with veggies. I am so looking forward to getting back to healthy eating. I doubt I will want pizza for a long time.
  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    I am certainly not above having a slice of pizza or a cookie but I'm with you that it just doesn't have the same appeal anymore. I prefer the healthy eating habit that I have now.
    It's great isn't it?!
  3. Meme6's Avatar
    That is so motivational for me as i think of the future and how it will be for me when i go places with family. i am not quite 2 weeks post-op but i am so thankful for this site.
  4. Katrina's Avatar
    I have pizza at least once a week, and it certainly is not tuna pizza. Ahhh! I'd strangle someone if they put a fish on my pizza ;-) but really. Pizza is life. I live for it. There is no such thing as bad pizza. Unfortunately, it is the one food where I'm going to get up the next day a good pound or two heavier. No big deal though, I have 6 more days to get rid of the extra pounds until PIZZA DAY again...unless we have two or three pizza days.
  5. Dutchie's Avatar
  6. Ann2's Avatar
    Yup, pizza (occasionally) is nice. But, like you, it's the good food that I crave anymore.


    Four years post-op.
  7. TheSassWay's Avatar
    They say it takes 21 days to break a habit! However, after breaking our bad habits and devouring those food we use to eat, it no longer has the same appeal as it once did!!
  8. nlee's Avatar
    I'm about 6 weeks from surgery and it's nice to know that there will be some food normalcy way down the road. I've been having thoughts of being this outcast freak of a friend by my social circle, the only one unable to ever have a slice of pizza or French fry. Lol. I'm SO looking forward to getting healthier though.
  9. AnnieG's Avatar
    Agreed - we're traveling this week, to family and then next leg of trip to friends. At family's I chose to cook ahead and bring ice chest and my "staples" -- because none of them cook. So that's helped.

    I to indulged -- a thin traditional slice(about 3/4) with fresh mortadella -- slowly savored, heaven! Weight is maintaining, toad froth at bay. Life is good! Healthy is so much better!
  10. azladyrider's Avatar
    I make my own in the Betty Crocker pizza maker https://www.walmart.com/ip/Betty-Cro...r-Red/37222718 Best 30 something dollars I ever spent. Also makes the fluffiest scrambled eggs and omelettes too - 3 - 4 minutes from start to finish

    But I do keep a stash of the individual small pizzas by Red Baron too - 1/2 of one of those and I'm stuffed