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personal training

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Toady I had my 3rd PT session and loved it. My PT is a great guy and really pushes me. He has worked out very quickly that I can actually push quite heavy weights and am quite strong, just not too fit and very stiff. I am struggling with what to eat to keep my energy levels up during the hour of weight training. Today I had one scrambled egg for breakfast and would not have been able to eat anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions? If I had the money I would have a PT everyday, lol. The only thing I hate is when I look in the mirror, although having lost allot of weight, I still think I look huge.

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    I loved my personal PT but had to quit it was SO EXPENSIVE.
  2. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Way to go! I hate the gym and am concentrating on walking and if the weather is too horrible (it's Winter here) exercycle at the moment. I have a set of dumb bells but haven't quite got the enthusiasm to get into a routine with them yet - and I really need to.
    Can't help with the food suggestions other than perhaps adding a protein shake before or after your workout. I'm sure someone with some experience in this will be along soon to help out.
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Elllie, I love my PT too! I think it would be great to drink a half of protein shake before your session and half after. That would be enough. I actually do most of my PT and crossfit sessions fasted as I go at 5.30 am but that just works for me, I have a protein shake afterwards.
    If I ever do an afternoon session though I have either a whole protein shake or a handful of nuts and a mejool date before I go. I seem to do okay :-)
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    My hubby had a personal trainer friend create a work out plan for us. It is 3 different days and then a rest day then it repeats. We have our own machine at home and follow our plan. The results have been fabulous. I feel strong and amazing!!
    As for still thinking you look big. I kind of go back and forth from thinking I still look big or that I look too thin. It is something we need to learn to readjust our eyes.