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over weight

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I am officially no longer obese! My BMI now puts me in the over weight category. Now the next step getting into the healthy range. I think the last time I weighed this was around 15 years ago.

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  1. Dutchie's Avatar
    Let's party!
    Congrats and keep up the good work.
  2. brown1987's Avatar
    Congrats great job
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    I too celebrated when I hit "overweight." Congrats and keep up the great work!
  4. Stacey03's Avatar
    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy :-) xx
  5. AnnieG's Avatar
    Isn't it a truly wonderful benchmark! Congratulations.
  6. elllie's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your kind words and ongoing support. Yes being overweight is much better than being obese, it even sounds better.
  7. jess7181's Avatar
  8. Bleeve's Avatar
    Way to go!!! :-)
  9. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Yahoo. Keep up the good work!
  10. Christie13's Avatar
    Fabulous Ellie!!! Isn't it so funny to be happy about being overweight?! I remember when I became overweight and was ecstatic. I was even happier when I entered into the healthy BMI category. You are on your way!!!
  11. The North Sleeve's Avatar
    Keep up the good work. Whats even worse is being called morbidly obese!!!!
  12. MsLisa71's Avatar
    Good on you! That was a lot of hard work to make those changes!