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Band to sleeve revision

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Good morning everyone!!!! I am curious, has anyone had a band to sleeve revision??? This is where i stress out the most, worrying about my Dr going in and not being able to do the sleeve because my band has slipped or something. I have had my band for about 10 years but havent had any fluid in it because I had issues with Reflux.

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  1. katesjourney's Avatar
    Hi Jess!

    I also had lapband surgery about 10 years ago. Worked great for 2 years, lots of weight loss, then the slips started. Long story short, I had it deflated completely for the last time in 2012. Guess what? I started to gain weight steadily.

    I had my band removed, VSG, and hiatal hernia repair 5/30/18. The band removal was the most challenging part of the surgery. After 10 years it was completely encapsulated, and took my surgeon over an hour to free up and remove. He anticipated this pre-op, and was honest with me about it.

    Some surgeons do not do both parts of the revision in one procedure. (Mine does, obviously) I had a frank discussion with him at my pre-op appt. re: how often he decides during revision surgery that he can't do both procedures at once. I liked his answer, so went ahead and booked my revision. So glad I did! I will share with you that since my surgery was a bit long, I had serious edema post-op, and getting fluids in at all was extremely difficult. But I got through it, and haven't looked back or questioned my decision.

    My advice: do your research pre-op. Ask your potential surgeon(s) all the questions you have about your surgery. Whatever you decide, I wish you luck on your journey!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    There are several band to sleeve conversions on here. They all do well, although some lose a bit slower but they lose nonetheless. Good luck to you!
  3. tonewbeginnings's Avatar
    Hi Jess, I was a revision, band to sleeve but did it in stages. Got banded in 2007, lost some initial weight but got so tired of PBing (that frothy choking feeling when food gets stuck which happened daily despite not having the band filled too much). I only consistently kept off 15-20 lbs and it wasn't worth choking all the time so I I had all my fluid removed and lived like that for several years and then had the band removed, along with my gallbladder in 2016. The recovery was fairly easy. I was a little restricted and swollen afterwards so it felt like I still had the band but that went away after a couple weeks. He said I had no slippage or erosion, only adhesions that had grown around it.

    Before having my band removed my surgeon told me that my insurance wouldn't allow the band to sleeve to be done at the same time but he said it would be easier on my body to heal from the removal first anyways and let the swelling go down. Perhaps he was just pointing this out since doing it in one surgery wasn't an option for me. He said he does them both ways depending on the the patients situation along with what the insurance allows. I didn't push the matter b/c I wasn't sure I wanted the sleeve at that point but knew I wanted the band removed. It took me 2 more years of losing weight and gaining it all back and more to finally decide on getting the sleeve. So looking back on it yeah I kinda wish I had done it all at once (I could have looked into the insurance aspect more) but I was just too apprehensive about getting the sleeve (after failing the band) at that time so I'm okay with how my journey went. I got the sleeve when I was emotionally ready and it had been going well.

    I think Kate's advice is best, to do your research and ask questions and go from there. Good Luck to you.