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any suggestions

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just starting my journey and was wondering what everyone eats preop? such as any bariatric brands of food?

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  1. davidmanxman's Avatar
    Hi do you mean the liver shrinking diet ?, They never said about any brand to look out for, I was just having 2 large Low fat Yogurts and 2 lts of skimmed Milk and as much tea coffee and water as I could drink per day ?, I found I could only eat one of the Yogurts and did just fine on the coffee and tea lol, No wonder I lost almost a stone in the week, It was the first time I had stuck to any sort of a diet in my life,
  2. meg1974's Avatar
    i was told two protein shakes a day and a high protein dinner but i was wondering if anyone was using a specific brand of high protein products
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    We had to use optifast in Australia
  4. AnnieG's Avatar
    My doctor puts his folks on a 2 week preop with Optifast 800. It translated to 3 bars, 3 shakes/soups daily. It was highly do-able. It also helped detox me from sugar. I think at 2 days pre op I had to drop the bars, and add shakes/soup up to 800 calories a day.

    It wasn't bad after the first 3 days (sugar headache detox style)
  5. elllie's Avatar
    here in the UK, the surgeon I used gave an option of 4 different diets to choose from. I decided on the calorie restrictive diet, which meant I could eat normal food up to 500 calories. I could eat quite allot as I mainly ate protein and green veg. In fact in the 2 week pre op diet I lost 7 kg (15.4pounds). You need to follow what ever diet is given to you by your surgeon. Good luck with the journey.
  6. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Optifast too here in New Zealand. 3 items per day (shakes,bars, soups, desserts) and 1 cup of (non starchy) vegetables.
  7. meg1974's Avatar
    Thank you, I was just looking for a little more direction
  8. Christie13's Avatar
    I did use Bariatric Advantage brand shakes pre op and then could not stand them post op. My taste buds changed. I know that my nutritionist at my surgeon's office said not all protein shakes are created equal for bariatric patients. I was told to use the ones specifically for bariatric patients or Premier or EAS Advant Edge low carb shakes. Some shakes just do not have enough other nutrients that we need.
  9. Bizynurse's Avatar
    My Dr. said three protein shakes a day I use Premier and then clear liquids only. I'm on day 7, my surgery day is the 14th of July 2018. Definitely feel the weakness when Im outside due to 114 outside. But I have lost 10.5 lbs already. Only 7 more days I can do this. At home I have no problems but I have a hard time at work, due to all the junk food laying around.