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feeling great!

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HI! The weather here in the UK is fantastic and it helps to lift the spirit up. I have sat outside at the pool and it felt like I was abroad on holiday. I am feeling really great and am now getting back into gym more seriously. I started with the personal trainer and boy did I feel it for 2 days afterwards, as I don't think certain muscles had been used for ages. I have also started playing tennis more regularly and running around the court is certainly much easier. I have had some fantastic comments about my weight loss and it has made me feel good about myself. When I am asked how I have lost so much weight, I just say I am on a very low calorie diet, so a half truth. My husband also says he can see I am much happier with myself and that I am allot calmer. I also went on a shopping trip with my daughter and it was much better than before as I didn't get upset with nothing looking good or fitting, in fact I can now buy clothes in the 'normal' section of the shops. I could also shop in victoria secret! The only strange comment I have had was from a friend who is thin, she asked me why did I lose weight and was it because of another friend who has lost a bit due to diabetes. I was astounded that she asked such a stupid question. thanks to everyone on this forum for there support and inspiration!

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  1. DutchSleeve's Avatar
    I am in awe.
    You are doing great indeed!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Well done Elllie. Unfortunately there is sometimes some jealousy but you just have to ignore that. So great that you are having nice weather. Im not coming over till Christmas so it will be cold then!! But festive!!!
  3. AnnieG's Avatar
    Ellie, it sounds like you are already enjoying your success! Going with our kids somewhere with less anxiety is wonderful. We have ridiculous summer (that is upper 90's F with high humidity) here, and I am staying in the air conditioning.

    Funny how people get jealous of good changes sometimes; maybe its the reminder that everyone, regardless of appearance, has something they can work on to change and be more.

    I have a fairly large group of women friends (that is, in #, not weight). And in the group, I don't think I was every viewed as the "fat" one; I know I am viewed as the devout and funny one. In my extended family, I'm the introvert. Maybe your friend is afraid you'll take her "thin" place?
  4. elllie's Avatar
    thanks everyone for your comments and support
  5. Ann2's Avatar
    Ellie, those are some lovely wins! Isn't it wonderful when you start coming alive again?!

    Beats the hell out of how we used to struggle through every day.
  6. The North Sleeve's Avatar
    I feel the best thing about this journey is how good it can make a person feel. It gives you ambition to do better each day especially when you view those numbers going down on that scale and the feeling you get when you go down in sizes of clothes.

    What could be better?? Keep up the great work!!
  7. Christie13's Avatar
    LOL. That is a pretty silly question. Most people want to be healthy so not sure why she would ask that but who cares. You are doing it and succeeding fabulously!!! Proud of you!!
  8. elllie's Avatar
    thanks for all your responses and fantastic support. lots of love.