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You guy, I'm so tired! I mean, I'm always tired, but now I'm really really tired. Anyone that's ever read anything I've ever written knows I'm lazy (and love my junkfood), so best believe I'm over here having a pity party for myself.

So you know I live in two different places, right? Monday through Friday I live in a handicap accessible apartment with my adult daughter who is dependent on me for care after becoming brain injured from VSG surgery 2.5 years ago. On the weekends I get to go back to my house and live there for three nights. I was terrible enough at keeping up one place. Fuck my life trying to manage two. But I had my husband to mostly take care of everything at our house. HAD!

Oh honey, I love you. I'm so glad you're not reading this. ;-) ;-) This clumsy SOB fell down the stairs and broke his leg last week. He had surgery yesterday to put in plates and screws. Now I am responsible for two grown humans that cannot walk. Me! I am barely responsible enough to take care of myself, and now I have to take care of these people and two residences. Who is in charge of letting this happen?!

Anyway, today I got the pleasure of mowing the lawn. It was my version of Hell. It took me 3 hours, and I learned that no matter how skinny you get or how much of your boobs you have cut off, you're still going to sweat buckets in this godforsaken Alabama heat. I also learned that protein giving you muscles or energy is a LIE! I am weak and tired as a newborn baby despite massive amounts of protein every single day for the last 3.5 years. So there's that.

And here a bunch of ridiculous pictures of my terrible morning.

My daughter's car has been sitting untouched in my driveway since her brain injury. It breaks my heart. I guess it will rot there.
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You just sit there and eat your burgers with our baby girl and rest that leg, honey. Don't mind me dying in the heat. It's fine. ;-)
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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Oh the things men do to get out of mowing the lawn!!! LOL. Seriously, hope he feels better soon and you don't work too hard.

    PS- Protein only builds muscles if you work your muscles for them to grow. Just saying!!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Yikes!!! Gawd!!! But Pita wants the burgers LOL :-) Gosh hope it all resolves soon, he can mow on crutches??? :-)
  3. AnnieG's Avatar
    Well crappola! You deserve some cheese with this whine! Seriously, that's a lot no matter how healthy and energetic and organized you could possibly be. And NC heat -- I hear you about the circle of hell.

    I play the "old lady" card once in a while -- like, neighbor who is younger, could you help me? And one of those nice guys mows the lawn or helps Jim (even when he doesn't think he needs it). Do NOT be afraid to reach out and ask some body. Some body can help you, and probably needs the boost that being a hero gives us!

    I'll pray for you to find some rest and peace. And the protein = energy? I don't know how bad I'd feel without it but not willing to try!
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    How about you hire someone to mow? We use teenagers in our neighborhood who are happy to make $30. And we are happy to stay out of the heat.

    Or maybe someone to clean both places every other week? Your plate sounds too full! I'm tired just reading about your life.
  5. SassyWade's Avatar
    WOW! That's a lot on one person's plate!! I hope thing begin to balance out and you find some sort of relief. I tip my hat off to you for doing what you're doing to keep things moving.Prayers for you sweetie!
  6. denzel's Avatar
    What a nightmare!
    You need someone to look after YOU!

    And things like mowing the lawn? I'd pay someone to do it (I do, I simply can't do it).

    Sorry to hear about your daughter . This is NOT the outcome one envisions when one has VSG surgery. I read in your later post that both you and your husband had had complications too.

    So sorry, but I can only be a listening ear for support from the other side of the world.