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The sleeve and the hammer.

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As some of you may know, I am constantly doing research and browsing through the internet, to learn as much as I want to about the sleeve and other wls procedures.
Yesterday I came across a youtube video from Dori'sJourney and she had a great analogy, I thought I'd share.

Our sleeve is a tool, just like a hammer.
You want to use that hammer to hang up a picture on the wall.
So you find yourself a nail and start hammering.
After you hit the nail two or three times, it won't go into the wall properly the way you want it to.
Maybe you didn't hit the nail hard enough or maybe the wrong way, or maybe you missed the nail completely.
But you throw your hammer away and say "well, that didn't work, what a stupid hammer."

Our sleeve is a tool as well.
We have to work with it, the proper way.
And even when we do that, we stille have to be vigilant over time, because we might slip up, or don't eat as we are supposed to, or do something else that is not helpful.

And even if the nail is completely in the wall and you've hung your picture, even if it's there for a couple of years, the nail can come loose, or falls out and you have to get your hammer and hit it again.

And that is exactly the way our sleeves work.
The sleeve is a tool, that we have to work every day.
No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran, the nail can still come loose or fall out.

I liked this one.
Hope you do too.

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  1. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Hi DutchSleeve!

    It sounds like Dori has nit the nail on the head (no pun intended.)

    The manner in which she sums up the use of one's VSG WLS as a tool (or rather, a hammer) is absolutely brilliant! The use of metaphores to best describe how one's VSG can be misused is delivered so with pinpoint accuracy.

    I think I may have to "borrow" this sometime to re-post on my blog (with your permission of course.)

    Thank you for sharing this. I really needed this today.
  2. AnnieG's Avatar
    What Shannon said! I always think of the lamp -- one can use it as a door stop, or plug it in and turn the light on. We decide a lot of things about what we use effectively.

    I think, at 66 having had so many surgeries and near fatal health encounters, I view my sleeve as a miraculous tool I can use myself! Feeling "empowered" to be the one wielding the tool is awesome. Thank you for sharing!
  3. TheSassWay's Avatar
    That's a great analogy! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    That is a great post!! Dori was spot on!!! WOW!!