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How do I lose weight prior to the surgery???

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Hi everyone,

I am going through the steps towards the gastric sleeve surgery and have been told I will need to lose 15 pounds prior to scheduling my surgery. For me, that may as well have been 500lbs. If I could lose weight on my own, I would have done so. Does anyone out there have words of wisdom for me? I feel like I want to eat a whole pizza and cry.



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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Two protein shakes a day, a meal of lean protein and veggies. Exercise. Lots of water. If you need snacks opt for sugar free jello or sugar free popsicles. That is what most people do on the preop and everyone seems to lose weight.
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    What Christie said. You can do it and it's worth it!!
  3. The North Sleeve's Avatar
    The pre-op diet is not fun and we have all had to go through it. You just have to decide in your own mind that you want to do this and become a healthier person. The actual liquid diet they put you on just before surgery, which can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, will make you lose weight very easily.

    I was on liquid diet for 12 days prior to my surgery and lost 21 lbs. Even if you just cut back on the bad food and do 10-15 minutes of exercise a couple days a week you will lose weight. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey you will be amazed once you begin!!
  4. elllie's Avatar
    I had a few different choices to follow pre op. I chose the very low calorie diet, eating under 600- 800 calories a day. I lost 7kg in 2 weeks which is (15 pounds 4 oz). Good luck with your surgery.
  5. SassyWade's Avatar
    Yes, pretty much what the others have stated. The pre op diet isn't fun but it's preparation for what to expect post op! Please don't eat that pizza, it will only set you back! Protein Shakes, sugar free snacks, and lean proteins. Stay away from carbs and sugar.
  6. MikeMo's Avatar
    Agree with the gang, just keep in mind that if you can focus on protein and reduce carbs and fat, that is a real successful approach to lose weight pre surgery. Premium Protein shakes are 30 grams of protein, and 160 calories. Eat those, light string cheese, quality deli meat (sliced turkey and chicken breast were mainstays, but avoid vac packed product like Carl Budding, that's fat flavored meat product. If you are on a high protein diet, it forces your body to consume fat to compensate. Might want to look up the Keto diet, that's basically what this is although the doctors didn't say that up front.

    Agree with your frustration on dieting. I've lost a lot of weight through the years, only to have it find me and bring friends on the return.