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6 week check

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Yesterday I went to see the surgeon for the first time since the operation and he was very happy with my progress and healing. I am feeling great and allot more confident, I can actually look at myself in a mirror. I don't mind going out and people seeing me. I have had to tell a few white lies when people have asked me how I have lost weight. Its only half a lie though, as I say I am on a very low calorie diet, which in effect this is. I also played tennis for the first time since surgery and although I was not as fit as before, it was definitely easier moving around the court. The weight loss has slowed down considerably and I do find that a bit disappointing, but hopefully now that i am getting back into gym, tennis and a personal training, it will pick up again.

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  1. erc70's Avatar
    Congratulations ellie.,. I am so glad you are feeling great. I love to read post like these because right now I am only 4 days post op and can't imagine when I will feel better. I am so happy you are doing great!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    That's great Ellie, there is often a bit of a slowing and then it picks up again so you will be just fine. So great that you are feeling better and more confident :-)
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    I am glad to hear your check up went well. Don't get discouraged. Often even if your weight is slowing your body is still changing. That is the beauty of the sleeve. It is not just about weight loss but also about body changes. And you know what....I kept my weight loss secret as well. I often said it was about low carb, portion control, and exercise. I don't feel the need to share. Although I have been honest with a friend of a friend who sent me a private message on facebook. She doesn't live near me. She had see the pictures on her friends page. I was honest because she is big and could use the surgery. I did ask my friend first (as she is one of the 4 friends I told about the surgery) and then went ahead and told her. She may actually go to Mexico and have surgery as she has family there. So long story short, I have told very, very few people as it is my business alone.
  4. Juanita62's Avatar
    You're doing great ellie! I find that when I walk I lose a pound and when i don't walk my weight stays the same. I walked every day last week and lost 5 pounds. The week before I didn't walk every day and lost 3 pounds.