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Last Friday, May 25th, I left my house in Mobile, Alabama, and drove to New Orleans, Louisiana. From there I got on a plane to Las Vegas. From that point my husband and I set out in a U-haul towing a car across the US to move his mother, sister, and her kids to Cleveland, Ohio. It took us 5 days, and I didn't stop eating the entire time. I ate anything and everything i could get my hands on... from In N Out Burger in Vegas to Culvers in Iowa to Mr. Hero in Cleveland to daiquiris in New Orleans, it was a cross country food fest. We flew home last night, and to my utter shock and delight, I only paid for it with two extra pounds. No regrets!
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Oh, and the scenery was gorgeous too... at least it was in Utah and Colorado. Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana were pretty darn boring.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Sometimes I eat more as well. But I do not make it a regular continuing habit. I do not deprive myself in situations that call for trying things out. But do clean it up the next day or two. You look fabulous!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    I am just totally in love with your chihuahua!!!!!! I cant even!!!! So cute. And I am lolling heartily at you on the floor in front of the sub shop! Travel food ain't always the best but you do what you can do!
  3. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Glad to hear you had a safe trip and that all went well.

    In January on this year, my wife and I moved from Phoenix, Arizona to South Dakota where during our travels we too engaged in a completed and total food fest. The difference for us was the feelings of guilt we had over eating the way we were, and (speaking for myself) the feeling of nausea I fought to overcome on a daily basis because of the nature of the foods I was consuming. In doing so, we hardly gained any weight as well, however, what we did find at the end of our travels was that we realized we no longer missed eating those types of foods. Nowadays, the only fast foods we partake of is the occasions sub sandwich, and on a very rare occasion a char broiled hamburger from our local burger shop. Other than, we have grown content with home cooking and enjoying the process of spending time cooking together.
  4. Katrina's Avatar
    See, I eat fast food or sit down restaurant every day. The only difference is that I don't eat it three times a day like I did on the trip. I hate cooking. I hate trying to please everyone's tastes, so we all get what we want from where we want each day. I have no reason to feel guilt. I weigh 115 lbs, a size 0, and will be 4 years out in November. I never started any of those cut out whole food groups or not allow myself to have exactly what I want to eat rules; therefore, my body never had to readjust to eating normal foods. I just eat less which is exactly why I had the surgery. I didn't have it to go on some no carb, low carb, can't eat this, won't eat that diet. Nope, not for me, and the me way works quite nicely... for me. I had Taco Bell for lunch yesterday and pizza and bread pudding from my favorite Italian place for dinner last night. This morning I'm one pound less than yesterday, so only one pound above my normal 114.

    If and when it stops working for me, I'll try something different. For now, I weigh myself every single day (except while I was on the trip because I left my scale in a hotel last time I did that) so I'm able to know when I need to eat the grilled chicken versus the fried chicken. So far it really is just that simple... eat what I want. My stomach can't hold enough to matter. Admittedly, I do waste a lot of food and money on that food. Oh well, that's the price I pay.
  5. Katrina's Avatar
    Stacey, isn't she just the cutest thing ever? She is my baby girl. Her sisters are so jealous of her. I can't imagine why ;-) I dont go anywhere without my Pita. She even went with me when I had my VSG surgery.
  6. Stacey03's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Katrina
    Stacey, isn't she just the cutest thing ever? She is my baby girl. Her sisters are so jealous of her. I can't imagine why ;-) I dont go anywhere without my Pita. She even went with me when I had my VSG surgery.
    Haha! She went with you for surgery! She's like a support dog :-) I love her!
  7. nlee's Avatar
    Love it! If it's working for you, that's wonderful. I hate the thought of giving of food faves. Congrats on your continued weight loss!