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4th post op day- mourning the loss of food

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Physically today I look fatter than when I started, due to a nightmare journey travelling home yesterday making me a bit swollen.That I can handle , what I struggled to cope with was the carvings I was having in the 6 hrs spent in the airport with nothing but the amazing smells of pizza, chicken and luscious food.
I have to admit , although my stomach is "fixed" I am worried my brain is not. I have just had my 100ml of soup and I feel full , yet as I watch my children eat lunch ,I could rugby tackle them for their crisps and feel willing to wrestle them for a bite of their ham sandwich.
I know my stomach couldn't handle any such food, I know I am not hungry, and I know that eating anything "naughty" will just be self sabotage therefore a complete waste of money. But why oh why doesn't my brain know this yet?
I don't have any triggers that make me eat, I just like food.I want to stop liking food!
I am really really hoping that I can change my mindset, and this phase is a normal part of this epic journey to skinniness.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    In the beginning smells made me want foods but the reality was it was all mental. I can tell you that when you start eating foods if you focus on eating your protein first...you really, really have no room for much else. If you make that priority one you will be just fine.
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    I have to agree with Christie, it will get easier if you concentrate on protein first. It's also a good time to think about cleaning up everyones diet in your house, though that is a hard one and has to be gradual to prevent anyone cracking the shits!!! You will be okay if you keep your eye on your weaknesses. We all have them. Hugs :-)
  3. MikeMo's Avatar
    FWIW, Airports are the worst for dieting, so going through one 4 days after surgery has to be a fresh hell to get through. Agree with the others, protein Shakes and higher protein foods are your friend. As you get acclimated to your stomach it does get easier. You'll find what you can eat is far less volume wise than before. Protein crowds out junk food, and eating is a more deliberative act than before. Just hang in there for the first few weeks and it gets much easier.
  4. tonewbeginnings's Avatar
    I totally understand what your saying. I am 5 weeks out of surgery and I too am missing food. I really love food and it has always been there for me to make me feel better. For me this surgery is like a break up with something that I love but that I know was also hurting me. What I’ve taken away from reading the posts of the veteran sleevers on this site is that I have to change my relationship w food. I think this is something that will take time and practice. For me I t is much easier to do this post op while at home and in control as it’s not so overwhelming however I just traveled for the first time since surgery yesterday (unavoidable) and was hanging out at a hotel across from the airport bc I had such a long wait. Not being able to go sit at their restaurant and have a nice long lunch was so difficult. Not buying any snacks for the plane or accepting the snacks they give you on the plane was hard. I brought 2 stringcheeses and a piece of Melba toast to eat on the plane as my dinner. I got through it but it wasn’t easy and I did feel sorry for myself. However I am attempting to break a life time of habits and I know it will take time to develop new ones and then begin to reinforce those. So give it time and I will too, it’s a process.