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Step One

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Well, my doctor set me up with a referral to a surgeon. I contact the surgeons office, because I am proactive like that. My first meeting with them is June 10th. Prior to scheduling the meeting, they asked that I reach out to my insurance to make sure that bariatric surgery is covered, which I had already done. I had checked online, I had made my husband get a copy of our SPD from his HR person. But after I called the surgeons office, I called my insurance on the phone to just triple check. The poor guy answering my call, I almost felt terrible for him.
I am the person asking for my W2's on January 30th, because I just want to get my taxes filed already, and then I am the person whose taxes are filed moments after receiving the W2's. I am proactive, as much as possible. So, I was asking about precertifications and what all was going to be needed. Waiting is hard for me, especially because I am not really talking about this yet with anyone but my husband and my best friend.
Soon, I should get a packet in the mail with information about which surgeon I am scheduled with and all the other new patient info etc. Yesterday was the day I called.
In a perfect world, I will have the surgery at the end of December. I don't know how feasible that is. So many of you have stories about how long this process took, but some of you seem to have it happen so much faster.

For now, I am logging food and my doctor started me on Qsymia. I'm trying to find a good recommendation for a meal replacement shake that is great for weight loss and ideally lactose free, because right now I am using Slim Fast shakes during the week for breakfast and lunch, and trying to each a ton of veggies for dinner, then some protein. Any recommendations?

This is all very stream-of-consciousness and rambling, and for that I am sorry....

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Donna, Its great that you have got the ball rolling. Which country are you in as Im not sure of the shakes apart from in Australia. And WELCOME! Ask heaps of questions and join in the forum and you will get a lot out of it :-)
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    The packet should lay out how long your process will be. My insurance required 6 months of supervised weight loss. I did this all through my surgeon's office. I know I have seen some plans only require 3 months as long as you can show a history of obesity. (My plan also required I show history of obesity.) Also, when you get your packet...make sure you are proactive about ensuring that your surgeon's office follows each requirement so there are no hiccups. You will be your own best advocate.